Devil May Cry 5 – Dante’s Devil Arms: King Cerberus Tips

Begginner tips for King Cerberus Devil Arm, Enjoy!

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This guide is aimed for beginner ninjas, since my scores reach S/SS. I will talk about all 3 modes and how to use them. I will also mention my favourite combos. Cerberus is 3 in 1 eastern weapons: a fire quaterstaff, an ice nunchucks and lightning 3-sticks-connected-with-chains thing.Everything has a purpose, so let’s talk about them one by one:

Fire Quaterstaff

Devil May Cry 5 - Dante's Devil Arms: King Cerberus Tips

Also know as the Firestick, is used when in Swordmaster style. I often use it to close distance between me and my target, chain combo or to finish combo:

  • When horizontaly away, use Combustion.
  • If you need to bring enemy on ground, use Role Play plus one Firestick jab(B or O), you will have a moment to follow-up, one of my favourite is to Hot Stuff them augumented with Devil trigger.
  • Combo C and D melt well With Combo A and B(frost nunchucks), you can infinietly slap demons with Frost and Fire without knockdown.

I feel like I need to mention, that Hot Stuff is Excellent parring tool, too.

Ice Nunchucks

Devil May Cry 5 - Dante's Devil Arms: King Cerberus Tips

This is a bread and butter of this Devil Arm. It’s basically combo glue. I mean mainly combo A, combo B and Crystal, only move in this weapon that knocks up enemies and allows for follow-up. Its cons is low range, so remember that you may not reach enemy after poking them with Firestick. Things, that are good to know:

  • Crystal people to atmosphere when there are a lot of enemies around, it’s harder for them to kill you when they can’t reach you.
  • Revolver is just funny, use it, especially as finisher or in midair.
  • If you do not like being in air, Ice Age is an option for defence or juggling monsters in air.

Lightning Thing

Devil May Cry 5 - Dante's Devil Arms: King Cerberus Tips

Now forget all things about finishing combo, because it’s a way to go. It works like extension of combo, enable you to score few more hits. Every time you press and hold sword and style button, the weapon will charge. It increase damage and range. There are some tips how to electrocute:

  • Animations are slow, press and hold as soon as animation starts.
  • About animation: you need to time releasing the charge button, if you press it when animation isn’t finished, you will loose charge.
  • You can charge both buttons at the same time. I suggest release style button before the sword one, since sword has much more range.
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