World War II: TCG – Crafting Guide

An introduction of the craft feature for new players. Learn how to improve and create new cards from the scratch.


Craft is a feature in the game to improve your cards or create new cards. When you have enough cards to create a deck, the crafting tool will be available in the Deck Builder screen. At map level 22 the game will reward you with enough cards of the same kind and gold to craft your first card.

The crafting tool lets you upgrade a card to a better version (rarity) when you have enough copies of that card. To access the craft feature you need to visit the Deck Builder and then click on the “Craft” button.

When you obtain enough cards from the same kind and have enough gold (it depends on the rarity), the card (that you will create) will appear with the word “craft” on top of it.

Tip: You can quickly view the cards that you can craft by clicking on the “Available” button.

World War II: TCG - Crafting Guide

Right after clicking the card, the “Craft” button will appear below the detailed view of the card. A side panel will appear on the left with the information of required cards, gold cost and the difference in stats between both cards.

Crafting a card will remove the crafting materials (cards) and gold to create a better version of the card.

Craft a Card

Once you have enough cards and gold, you are ready to craft your first card!

The Craft Card panel will display the basic version of the card and the elite version, you can compare both cards and the benefits that the card will gain once crafted.

The amount of copies needed to craft will be displayed in the card, so you know how many cards you are going to spend to craft it. The cost and amount of cards needed to craft will vary depending on the card rarity.

World War II: TCG - Crafting Guide

Available Button

When you’re on the craft view, there’s an “Available Button” on the top-right side of the screen that will display the cards that you can craft (because you have enough copies of the non-craft card).

What cards can I craft?

Not all cards have an “Elite” version, with each expansion or update new crafted cards will appear. You can use the different filters to see what are the current crafted cards available under the craft option.


Most of the crafted cards gain abilities that affect only their faction (or type of unit) so players will start crafting cards from the same faction and type to quickly create powerful decks.

Crafting is a long-term feature that let players to create different competitive faction decks.


The basic rarities of the game are the following:

  • Common
  • Uncommon
  • Rare
  • Epic
  • Legendary

When you craft a card, the rarity will change to a new one, known as “Epic Elite” and “Legendary Elite”.

  • Common, Uncommon, Rare and Epic will be crafted to Epic Elite.
  • Legendary will be crafted to Legendary Elite.

There’s one exception where you can craft some common cards (4 of them) to Rare Cards.

Crafting a Card

  • Common Cards can be crafted to Epic Elite with 5 Common (of the same kind) Cards and 500 golds.
  • Uncommon Cards can be crafted to Epic Elite with 5 Uncommon (of the same kind) Cards and 500 golds.
  • Rare Cards can be crafted to Epic Elite with 5 Rare (of the same kind) Cards and 500 golds.
  • Epic Cards can be crafted to Epic Elite with 5 Epic (of the same kind) Cards, 5 Blueprints and 500 golds.
  • Legendary Cards can be crafted to Legendary Elite with 3 Legendary (of the same kind) Cards, 10 Blueprints and 1000 golds.

Deck Limit

There’s a limit of copies of a card that you can add to your deck depending on the rarity.

  • Common: 2
  • Uncommon: 2
  • Rare: 2
  • Epic: 2
  • Legendary: 1
  • Epic Elite: 2
  • Legendary Elite: 1

The card’s deck limit is shared between rarities, that means that you can have two copies of the same card regardless of the rarity (ex: 1 Common and 1 Epic Elite version of the same card).


Epic and Legendary Cards use a crafting material called Blueprints when they’re crafted to their respective Elite version. You can purchase Blueprints using Raid Points (raid points are one of the rewards that you can obtain when you complete a Raid alone or with your platoon mates) in the Shop screen.

There’s a Blueprint per each Edition and Faction (currently Basic, Sealords and Stronghold).

World War II: TCG - Crafting Guide

On the Deck Builder in the Craft panel, you can see the amount of blueprints that you have and if you click a card will display the amount of blueprints needed to craft.

Diamond Cards

Diamond Cards are the most powerful cards in the game. Only Elite Cards (previously crafted cards) can be improved to Diamond Cards. Diamond Cards are hard to obtain and players are required to complete several Raids to obtain enough Raid Points to create them.

The amount of Diamond Cards available are limited, not all Elite crafted cards can be upgraded to Diamond. Diamond Cards are similar to Legendary cards, you can only have 1 copy of the same card in the Deck.

  • Diamond Cards require 3 Elite version cards (of the same kind), 20 Blueprints and 2000 golds.
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