Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin – All Invisible Hollows Locations

This is a guide consisting the locations of all invisible hollows through Drangleic. Before I go into writing, it is yet to be confirmed whether all the hollows have been found so far. It is also important to note this is something that was introduced in Scholar of the First Sin, therefore this guide has no use in standard Dark Souls II.


Before I jump into listing the hollows per location, I would like to give you some tips how to find the hollows:

  • Make sure your “shadow quality” isn’t off, you will not be able to see hollows’ shadow otherwise
  • Use a torch whenever possible, you will notice there’s a shadow with no body on the ground in a sitting position
  • Use a Ring of Whispers and you will hear them when you’re close
  • Run near the walls. If you seem to be “stuck” or “running on spot”, there might be a hollow blocking your way
  • Using the butterfly set will reveal their location since you’ll get the poison-effect on them, which is visible
  • A single hit is all it takes to kill the hollow. Guard break, however, will not kill them and neither will it reveal their location
  • Using Soul Appease is a great spell to reveal their location since it has a wide range and deals damage to hollows
  • Using Unveil will not show their location due to the fact they are neutral enemies which can’t be locked on either
  • They don’t respawn, unless you use bonfire ascetic (Tested in a few areas)

Now that the introduction is done, let’s go on with the hollows and their locations. I will list areas as one would usually progress through the game.


Invisible hollows drop 1 out of 2 possible items. I’m sorry to disappoint you, but they will drop only 2 items, either a common smooth & silky stone or occasionally, rather uncommon, petrified something. The drops are completely random and if you really want to get the petrified something from these guys, you might want to get maximum item discovery set which includes:

  • Mimic head
  • Prisoner’s tatters
  • Watchdragon parma (it doesn’t matter if the other weapon is two handed, as long as shield is on your back/in your hand)
  • Golden Covetous Serpent Ring +2
  • Rusted Coin

Even though there’s really no reason why you’d like to do this, have it anyway. With this done, let’s jump into the location showdown:

Forest of Fallen Giants

The first hollow can be found as early as Forest of Fallen Giants. The location where you can find this invisible hollow is as follows:

  • Reach the second bonfire Cardinal Tower. In case you already opened the shortcut by destroying the explosive barrels, you may as well take that one since it’s faster to go that way.
  • Follow the same route you’d take as if you were after the Last Giant until you come to a vast open field where all the explosive barrels are and where the hollow soldiers throw firebombs.
  • You want to take a turn on the right where the giant tree leading to the Memory of Vammar is. Climb to the ladders on the right and keep on going straight until you reach the scone. It is already lit as you approach, just check the wall for a shadow.

No Man’s Wharf

The second hollow is found in the building near Pharros’ Lockstone. He is next to the wall on the left side of the doors, looking from outside towards the doors.

  • Start going from the bonfire in the area, following the normal route as if you wanted to progress through the area
  • Once you cross the bridges at the start and reach the long pair of stairs, take the first possible right. The two carriages blocking the way will tell whether you took the right path.
    Optional: I highly recommend you use Pharros’ Lockstone to turn on the light in the area
  • Go to the building’s outer wall, basically the opposite of Pharros’ Lockstone. Look at the doors, and from there, just go to the left. The invisible hollow is sitting on the ground outside of the house at the left ending of the wall, shortly before the corner. It may be difficult to see its shadow but you can easily see the guy is actually blocking your way to progress through the path which means – hit it.

Lost Bastille

Lost Bastille has two invisible hollows. To reach the first one, go this route:

  • Starting from the Tower Apart bonfire, leave the room and go to left.
  • Proceed as you usually would, going after The Pursuer where you obtain Fragment Branch of Yore – I highly recommend you actually kill The Pursuer before going after hollow
  • Go where the ruins are, left of chest. There is one “climbeable” ruin/rock in particular, if you approach it with the torch you will see there is a hollow sitting down with his back facing another building

  • Start from Straid’s Cell bonfire
  • Make sure you have Bastille Key
  • Open the cell next to bonfire
  • Check very right corner opposite of the enterance, there should be a hollow sitting down there
    Sinner’s Rise

There is a single invisible hollow inside of Sinner’s Rise.

  • Going from the bonfire, you should go down the usual way, all the way to the elevator.
  • As soon as you drop down, you want to head on through the water until you see a staircase to your left. Enter the first room once you climbed the staircase.
  • There is going to be an invisible hollow in the left corner from where you enter through the doors.

Huntsman’s Copse

There is a single hollow in Huntsman’s Copse, found in the first building you’ll find yourself into.

  • Start going from the first bonfire until you get inside of the first building
  • Look at the scone, one near the giant hole
  • Voila

Shaded Woods

There is a single hollow in the area:

  • Start from the second bonfire of Shaded Woods, Ruined Fork Road
  • From there, go through middle path, one leading to Aldia’s Keep
  • Keep on going all the way to King’s gate, where Syan Knight is, although you will luckily not need King’s ring to reach the hollow. He is on the left from doors, sitting in corner. You may have accidentally killed this hollow in the past as it’s not that hard to miss him while fighting with knight.

Doors of Pharros

A single hollow resides in this area:

  • Start from the first bonfire / from enterance of the ara
  • Go to left, path towards Gavlan’s final location
  • Proceed, as if you were going for Royal Army Campsite
  • Once you reach the waterfall where crystal lizard is, stop right there and look on the right. There should be a Gyrm Worker sitting next to a scone. What you want to do is, preferably, kill Gyrm Worker and go behind the scone. There is a hollow sitting, as visible on screenshot.

The Gutter

The Gutter has 5 invisible hollows which we have found so far. The first one can be found as following:

  • Starting from the first bonfire of the area, you want to proceed straight forward
  • Once you cross the second bridge, once which will lead you to swollen morgel enemy
  • After you reach swollen morgel, look on the opposite direction of ladders. This is where you make a jump
  • Jump, land on the floor and climb up the ladders. You want to climb on the very top of building/structure, one floor above mimic
  • From the top floor, you want to go to the right/straight from ladders. Basically, diagonally opposite end where scone is. There is a hollow sitting, left of the scone

  • Starting from the first bonfire, proceed the usual route towards the second bonfire
  • Once you come to the very edge before jumping towards the point of no return, take a look at Fog Gate before 2nd bonfire
  • From Fog Gate, you want to look on your right where scone is, near the edge. Be super careful and kill Undead Citizens, also known as Rupturing Hollows, since they can explode and knock you down the platform causing easy death
  • * You can simply go from the second bonfire since it’s much closer/safer/faster. Just go backwards as if you wanted to go towards the Giant Ant Queen, on your way, simply look on your left as soon as you leave the roofed complex

  • Start going from the second bonfire
  • Enter through destroy wall crack, one you made to reach the bonfire
  • Once you get back inside, go down the first pair of ladders leading you dowstairs
  • After going off the ladders, drop down on the platform with no ladders to climb upstairs. From ladders you dropped down from, it should be platform to the right – on which you have to jump down to. Hollow is next to scone

  • Start from the first bonfire, once again
  • Go the usual route, until you get to crossing where swollen morgel is
  • This time, however, you want to go on the left
  • Don’t climb the ladders, just go behind them where the scone is
  • There is a hollow sitting in front of scone. You might want to clear all the incoming hollows, perhaps even wait a moment until all of them approach since there’s gonna be unseen reinforcements/approach behind you in the area

  • From the first bonfire, follow the path towards the first hollow we mentioned in the guide
  • Once you climb up to the complex where hollow was, jump accross to where the metal chest is
  • Keep on going straight and make a jump towards oily pods where Darksucker is
  • You will be invaded by Melinda the Butcher have you not already killed her
  • Once you kill her, which is very preferable, jump down on the opposite direction from which you came, one that leads you back to the first bonfire
  • Once you drop down to the pathway, look for the scone, the hollow is going to sit next to the scone curled up

Drangleic Castle

Three invisible hollows in total:

  • To get to the first one, start from the staircase leading you to the Drangleic Castle
  • Once you reach main gate, go to the left with useless hole inside with nothing inside
  • There should be a hollow sitting on the wall, as shown on the screenshot

  • Get inside of the castle or go backwards from the first bonfire
  • Go to the room with 4 petrified Syan Knights
  • Go inside of the room with metal chest containing Undead Bone Shard
  • Check the right of doors, which is where the hollow will be

  • After killing Twin Dragonriders, or simply from the 4th bonfire, go to the room with giant
  • Activate elevator
  • Go on top of elevator, climb to the very top of tower and go behind Milfanito’s cage

Shrine of Amana

Only two hollows are inside of Shrine of Amana.

  • Start from the second bonfire
  • Literally go behind the wall, as shown on the screenshot
  • Beware of all the sorcerers trying to kill the living sh*t out of you with their spell arrows.

This is approximately where the hollow is.

  • Go from the third bonfire
  • Go where Peculiar Kindaur invades
  • (Hopefully) kill the invader
  • Go where the building with last Milfanito is
  • Don’t go inside, instead, go to the right, following the ledge
  • Be sure not to fall into your demise

Undead Crypt

  • Starting from the first bonfire, go to the left
  • Once you go below the stairs, check right side of the wall

  • Keep on going from the last location
  • Keep on going to the next room
  • Once you get inside of the room with all Leydia Witches, check the rumble on the left, there’s a hollow sitting

  • From Leydia room, go to the next room one before Agdayne
  • On the stairs on the left, should be sitting

  • After Agdayne’s room, drop down the ledge on the left
  • Kill enemies
  • The opposite of ladders, there is going to be a hollow lying down

  • Go from the second bonfire
  • Proceed until the room where Nameless Usurpuer invades
  • Face towards the left exit (one leading towards Imperius soldiers)
  • Don’t leave the room, instead, check the left side of wall

  • After two Imperius Knights, check the room with huge hole in the middle
  • Don’t jump down, instead, check the wall behind, there are two hollows, one on the left and one on the right side

The remaining hollows are in last room [5 hollows] – one before Velstadt. My advice would be to kill 3 undeads whom ring the bell before going to explore. After killing them, bait out Syan Knights and then go for Dragonrider. In case bell was rung, simply exit the room and re-enter it and Lydia witches will no longer infinitely respawn.

All the hollows are behind / inbetween two pillars. The exception is one that sits down behind bell, one below the staircase which will make Leydia witches spawn infinitely.

Aldia’s Keep

There’s two hollows inside of Aldia’s Keep.

  • Starting from the first bonfire, get inside of the building
  • Killing the invader, or just run away, either will do
  • Go to the top, where Great Basilisk is
  • Bypass him or kill him
  • Go inside of the room with Dragon lever
  • Look on your left – that’s where the hollow will be. As always, torch required

The final hollow:

  • Go from the second bonfire
  • Kill Guardian Dragon if you didn’t do so already
  • Behind his cage, where the elevator for Dragon Aerie is, look on the right
  • There is going to be a hollow, sitting, visible even without the torch
  • Enjoy your final hollow

Closing Notes

If our counter isn’t off, there’s 33 invisible hollows ingame. Their rewards aren’t great and they don’t carry anything interesting. Sadly, there is additionally no lore behind them so we can only assume why things went the way they did with them.

Honestly – looking for them is worth it only if you’re in for having fun and trying to figure out how to locate invisible enemies. Otherwise, it’s difficult and not really worth the reward.

Written by God\'s Work

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