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All credit goes to FloaterHeavenHD!

Let me give a quick explanation what i’m basing this on.

  • This is for solo monsoon only (I believe all characters are viable in 2+ players).
  • I will refer to a “clear” which means beating all 4 stages then back to ground floor.

K so I’ve cleared the game on solo monsoon at least 2 times with each of the characters this is the tier list i’ve come up with. This is my opinion (my favorite character is artificer).

Tier List

S Tier- MUL-T

Ok, This character is insane I have almost 0 problems clearing ever regardless of the items that i get. He is by far the strongest character in the game for his ability to MELT bosses. On top of that he can carry 1 extra utility which is honestly really good. Chain gun for bosses/bigger enemies rebar launcher for smaller enemies.

A Tier- Commando

He has a lot of built in survive and damage probably the most rounded character in the game with the second/third best dash. not much to be said hes just solid.

A Tier- Huntress

Again a lot of built in survive she has a little bit of a harder time clearing the early floors but when you spec her properly she can almost dump as much damage as MUL-T. That being said if she is spec’d poorly she can be one of the worst characters. She has the best/second best dash in the game. The underrated part of this character is that the lock on lets you focus on your characters position instead of the combat.

B Tier- Mercenary

He has a lot of mobility however he lacks the damage and range of the other characters he also has to put himself in a lot of danger at all points in the game to be an effective character. His upsides are that he has a lot of invincibility frames (This means he can’t be hit) and that he can weave in and out of combat. I think in multiplayer he has a lot of potential but he doesn’t bring enough to solo’s to be ranked higher.

C Tier- Engineer

This character struggles with how fast paced this game is. He doesn’t have a dash and relies on his AI turrets to deal a majority of the damage. Only his towers can really deal with ranged units such as wisps effectively. His strength lies in his shield and that he can use items that other survivors struggle with such as the “fungy healing” that you have to stand still for. In multiplayer he has his purposes but they are few and far between.

D Tier- Artificer

This character is by far the worst performing in solo’s. He brings a ton of burst damage but no consistent damage. He doesn’t have a dash just like engineer but artificer has to be mobile to survive because unlike engineer artificer doesn’t have a shield. By himself artificer can’t do much without good item roles. I almost wish this was a multiplayer tier list right now because artificer can be A Tier in multiplayer, he gets the support he needs to function. He brings good area of effect and cc just no survive unfortunately making him right now the worst character in solo monsoon for getting an effective clear.

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