Outward – Money Making Guide

A guide to make lots of money at any stage of the game. Simple, easy, and can be started as soon as you enter Cierzo.

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Money makes the world go round and it is no different in Outward. You need money to buy equipment, food, potions, and most importantly your skills! To max out 3 skill trees costs over 60 Gold Bars aka 6000 silver aka 1000 Mana Stones! With that much money you could probably pay off your blood debt if the game let you.

Now I know this sounds like a lot, but honestly it can be made passively while exploring and doing fun stuff. I made a new character and just by clearing about 2/3 of Cheronese I had over 100 Gold Bars in a days worth of gameplay without ever having left the zone. So just follow this guide and you’ll be a Master Merchant in no time!

Quick Tips

Before we get started, here are a few things to keep in mind.

  • Your house isn’t necessary, just helpful for quicker storage and a place to treat like a free Inn.
  • Ingredients are ALWAYS worth grabbing. Mine every ore(even salt) and pick every bush.
  • Basic clothing should pretty much always be collected and broken down to linen scraps, but save the linen for later. Don’t waste it on bandages.
  • Weapons aren’t always worth carrying. If you run out of inventory space, then break down any weapons with Iron in the name, and always break down Iron Greatswords, Greataxes, Halberds, Spears, and extra Mining Picks. They are worth more in Iron Scraps then they are in gold. Also drop any weapons that can’t be broken down, they aren’t worth the weight usually(Troglodyte weapons minus the mana staff which can be broken down).
  • A bigger backpack is important. Use the biggest you can get. You’ll have to be okay with a lesser bag, have RNG on your side to give you 2 power coils, or make a trip all the way to Levant to buy some. I personally use the glitch and throw 300 silver as an offering to Elatt for gracing me with the open door…..mostly because it costs about that much to buy the two of them.
  • Tools still work at 100% effectiveness even if they break so you don’t need to ever waste time or money repairing or replacing Mining Picks and Harpoons.
  • If RNG is on your side, wear the Pearlbird Mask (rare drop from Pearlbirds) and buy the Master Trader Equipment from the merchant near the gate, especially the boots. You go so much quicker which will speed up travel time and money making speed.
  • Finally set up two campfires next to the water near your house and place a cooking pot and an alchemy pot (can be bought from the alchemist) on them. This will speed things up quite a bit as well.

None of the tips are absolutely necessary, but are extremely useful for quicker money making. Now without further ado, let’s get started.


This is one that is obvious for some, and not so obvious for others. Alchemy is probably the single most effective method to make money in the game. To do this, you will need an Alchemy Pot. These can be found randomly all over the place, or can be purchased from an alchemist for 60 silver. I recommend making it your first purchase of the game as you can afford it pretty much immediately. I recommend placing it down next to the sea water by your house in town along with a cooking pot, as this way you have easy access to water, the traders, and your house.

Once you have your Alchemy Pot set up, you just need to buy all the ingredients you can from the 2 traders and the Alchemist. Obviously, not everything is valuable so here is a list of what you should buy…

  • Thick Oil
  • Star Mushroom
  • Turmmip
  • Blood Mushroom
  • Gravel Beetle
  • Livweedi
  • Krimp Nut
  • Greasy Fern

It’s important to note that you should only buy the things listed. There are some things that aren’t worth purchasing such as the Ochre Spice Beetle. Also keep in mind that not everything is always available and that the merchant inventory’s reset every 3 in-game days. So buy them every time it is available!

Once you have everything bought, just fill up your waterskin and go to your alchemy pot. Use Manual Craft to make each of the following recipes once and you will unlock them for easier use later.

  • Astral Potion – 1x Clean Water, 1x Star Mushroom, 1x Turmmip
  • Discipline Potion – 1x Clean Water, 1x Ochre Spice Beetle, 1x Livweedi
  • Endurance Potion – 1x Clean Water, 1x Bird Egg, 1x Krimp Nut
  • Life Potion – 1x Clean Water, 1x Blood Mushroom, 1x Gravel Beetle
  • Great Life Potion – 1x Life Potion, 1x Greasy Fern
  • Warm Potion – 1x Clean Water, 1x Thick Oil

Each of these potions except the Great Life Potion make 3 potions for every craft. So for example, you buy 10 thick oil at 2 silver a piece for 10 silver. You turn them into Warm Potions and end up with 30 Warm Potions. Each potion sells for 4 silver a piece so you just turned 10 silver into 120 silver! So by selling all these potions you can make a ton of money!

I actually recommend saving the Life Potions and the Great Life Potions. The Great Life Potion is expensive to buy later and takes time to stockpile so you might want to save it now, for use in the future. A silver saved is a silver earned after all. As for the regular Life Potions, they sell for 8 silver a piece at a merchant, but there is a place that I will discuss later in the guide where they sell for 15 silver a piece which means you earn 45 silver per craft instead of 24, effectively doubling your profits.

To make the best use of alchemy, make sure to gather every plant you see and mine every node. Iron, Mana, Palladium and even Salt nodes can all drop Gravel Beetles which essentially means that you have a chance for an extra 45 silver off of every node. So bring a mining pick wherever you go!


Another fast way to make money and can also be done right from the beginning of the game. This method is somewhat simpler but also requires a little more micro-managing to make sure you get the most profits and don’t accidentally waste money.

So this method revolves around 1 thing in particular. Rations. Regular food is usually worth 1-4 silver a piece when you sell it and cooking food with multiple ingredients tends to give you 3 of the crafted food. Rations work the same way in the cooking pot by giving you 3 rations as opposed to the 1 ration if you make it in your inventory.

Why is this important to know? Well lets say you have some Raw Meat. Raw Meat sells for 1 silver. If you cook it, it becomes Cooked Meat which is also 1 silver. Now lets add a gaberry and some salt. This makes 1 Raw Meat into 3 Meat Stews. Each stew sells for 1 silver so now you get 3 Silver instead of 1. Do this 10 times and you make 30 Silver off of 10 Raw Meat. Now lets add another step. If we take 2 of the Meat Stews and add a Salt, they become 3 Rations worth 2 Silver a piece. Do this to your 30 Meat Stew and they become 45 Rations. So 30 Silver becomes 90 Silver which is 9 times the original price of the Raw Meat. To make it easier to understand, here is just the math…

  • x1 Raw Meat = 1 Silver
  • x1 Gaberry = 0 Silver
  • x1 Salt = 0 Silver
  • x1 Meat Stew = 1 Silver
  • x1 Ration = 2 Silver
  • x1 Raw Meat + x1 Gaberry + 1x Salt = 3x Meat Stew
  • x2 Meat Stew + x1 Salt = x3 Ration
  • x10 Raw Meat + x10 Gaberry + 10x Salt = 30x Meat Stew
  • x30 Meat Stew + x15 Salt = x45Ration
  • x45 Ration = 90 Silver

See what I mean? And this applies to most food. Despite this, the only food worth purchasing is Bread. Everything else won’t make a profit.

To maximize profits on this, make sure to buy all the bread you can from the Fish Merchant on the docks and make the following recipes in the order shown below. If you make them out of order, then you may accidentally use ingredients that should be used in other foods first so be careful! Also remember that you can get an unlimited amount of free salt by choosing the Empty option on your waterskin, filling it in the ocean, then doing a manual craft of just your salt-water filled waterskin in the cooking pot or a campfire. Do this as much as you want and you will never run out of salt.

  • Dry Mushroom Bar – x4 Common Mushroom
  • Luxe Lichette – x1 Larva Egg, x1 Azure Shrimp, x1 Raw Rainbow Trout, x1 Seaweed
  • Cierzo Ceviche – x1 Raw Rainbow Trout, x1 Seaweed, x1 Salt
  • Pot-au-Feu du Pirate – x3 Any Fish, x1 Salt
  • Meat Stew – x1 Meat, x1 Gaberry, x1 Salt
  • Gaberry Jam – x4 Gaberry
  • Gaberry Tartine – x1 Bread, x1 Gaberry Jam
  • Miner’s Omelet – x2 Bird Egg, x1 Common Mushroom
  • Travel Rations – x2 Food, x1 Salt

This will maximize your rations but even then, it won’t maximize your profits. To do that then BEFORE you make your travel rations, you want to give 1 Cierzo Ceviche to the Fish Merchant by talking to him and accepting his request. This will give you 4 Ocean Fricassee which sell for 4 silver a piece. Next you want to sell the Cierzo Ceviche and Ocean Fricassee rather than turning them into rations as well as keep the Luxe Lichette in your storage. This is one of the best foods in the game, especially for non-mage characters. Go ahead and turn the rest into Rations and you’ll make a tidy profit.

Finally you can’t just go around without any food at all right? You need it for easy healing over time and to fill your belly. For this I recommend buying about 10 Jerky from the vendors. The price of jerky is 3 silver so the cost of 2 is the same as what you would get from turning 2 jerky into 3 rations, making it an easily acquired and dispensable item for adventuring.

Inventory Crafting and Deconstructing

I know, I know….More Crafting. I promise this is the last of it and it’s actually fairly short. There’s only some simple crafts and rules to follow.

  • Use Cooking Pot or campfire to cook 1 Crabeye Seed at a time into Grilled Crabeye Seed.
  • Sell any boots or headgear worth 5 Silver or more, any clothing worth 12 Silver or more, any extra Fishing Harpoons, any 1-handed Weapons worth 5 Silver or more or any 2-handed weapons worth 10 Silver or more.
  • Break down any Hatchets, clothes/boots/headgear you find, any Iron Greatswords/Greataxes/Greathammers/Halberds/Spears and any extra Mining Picks you find by putting just that 1 item into your Manual Craft. It will deconstruct it. They will become Linen Cloth and Iron Scraps. Save the Iron Scraps, we will use them later.
  • Break down ALL Troglodyte Staffs. They drop from magic Troglodyte’s and give you 3 Mana Stones a piece.
  • Poison Rag – x1 Grilled Crabeye Seed, x1 Linen Cloth.
  • Ice Rag – x1 Seaweed, x1 Linen Cloth.

See, pretty painless right? You can just break down any iron weapons or regular clothing you find honestly. You only lose a little money in the process and it can lighten your bag quite a bit but for maximum profits you should follow the rules above.


Now we are starting to get somewhere besides the town. Okay so this is fairly straightforward. Just gather any plants or vein that you can find. Use any of the ingredients on recipes that I previously listed, save all Iron Scraps, sell all Blue Sand, Mana Stones and Hackmanite.

Here is a little extra tidbit though. You can find a lot of Mana Stones and Turmmips on the Ley Line Mountain in the center of the map, as well as quite a few inside of it. Each Mana Stone is 6 Silver with chance to drop a Gravel Beetle (45 Silver when used for Life Potions) and a chance for Hackmanite which sells for 50 Silver. This is a lot of money that can be gathered every couple days.

You can also find a lot of fishing spots on the beach as well. If you can take care of the Pistol Shrimp (easy with a Fang Greataxe using heavy attacks) then you can make a small profit off the ingredients here as well while getting ingredients for Luxe Lichette, one of the best foods in the game.

Vendavel (Iron Scraps and Life Potions)

Okay, so now is where we will get our money for the Iron Scraps and Life Potions. To do this we need to go to Vendavel. Vendavel is the keep south of the Ley Line Mountain. To find it, just go south of Ley Line Mountain until you get to the beach. Look around and you should see the keep on your right side with a gateway to enter.

Once inside you will lose all your items so follow these steps to get them back.

  • Walk through the tunnel and up to the gate guarded by two guards.
  • Interact with the gate to open it and walk through.
  • Turn left and go all the way down the hall to the very end.
  • Go left again and loot the chest for the items that were on your person and then pick up your backpack.

Now that you have your items back, you can walk back down the hallway to the other end to find a room that is like a sickbay. Enter inside and talk to the lady who will give you the recipe for Life Potions. You can now sell ALL of your Life Potions to her for 15 Silver a piece. She will also buy bandages for 5 Silver a piece but I don’t consider them worth the money.

Next go back into the tunnel and on the table you will find a ton of mining picks. Go ahead and pick them all up and scrap them for Iron Scraps before talking to the Lady at the 4-way intersection. She will buy all your scraps for 5 Silver a piece.

If you have been stocking up on potions and scraps like I recommended earlier, this should net you an easy 1000-2000 Silver on it’s own. Once you’ve finished exploring and looting the cells, you can buy your freedom from one of the guards for 30 Silver since you have so much money. If you are confident in your chances of victory, you can also fight your way out or jump down into The Hole and fight the Troglodytes to escape. I recommend just buying your way out though, it’s easier.


The final way to make money, and the way that is possibly the most rewarding, is to go adventure. Go explore the dungeon, loot the tomb, and kill the things. You’ll get lots of ingredients, rare materials for strong weapons and armor, and even find items you can use later.

This method may not be as fast as the others, but when mixed with the others, it becomes the most fun and profitable. You can easily just adventure around until your bag is full then go back to town to use the other methods to make your money before adventuring out again. You don’t have to mindlessly grind to become rich.

A Little Extra, if You Want

If you really are hurting for cash or want to feel more like you earned your money, then after making your items go to Levant. Travel through the forest and across the desert. Everything here sells for more than if you sell it elsewhere so you can increase your profits by 25-50%. I personally don’t do this because it’s more trouble than I consider worth but for a person who wants to roleplay a merchant type character, this is a great way to make some coin.

If you decide to do this method, then try talking to the merchants in town and doing their quests as well. It will give you a bit extra silver for your troubles. Just be careful of the dangers along the road and be careful not to overfill your backpack.

Glitch / Exploit

The following is a glitch/exploit that you can perform to pretty much just give yourself free money

Be Warned!

This is the Dark Side and you must avoid it’s temptations. If you just want money to avoid the grind for money, or if you just don’t like the weight mechanic than this method is relatively safe. But if you aren’t wary, you can just cheat the game for yourself and you’ll feel no satisfaction from accomplishing anything unless you just like blowing up enemies.

Final Warning!

So Outward has a split screen mode that allows you to bring a local player into the match. If you hook up a controller and start Split Screen than you can create a new character. Name this character something that will let you recognize him as different from your other characters and bring him into your characters game.

Give all of your gold and silver to this character then end the split screen. Then exit the game and go to steam/steamapps/common/Outward/SaveGames and find the folders with the most recent Date Modified. 1 File should only have 1 or 2 saves in it while the other is full of saves. This is your New Character and your main character.

Delete the most recent save of your main character (the newest Date modified) then load the game again. Sell ALL of your Gold for Silver BEFORE starting Split Screen again.

When you get your second character in the game, he will have all your gold and the silver you gave him. Take note that any gold you had will disappear and will now be on the second character but not any silver.

Any items other than silver are recognized by the game as being unique and the game will delete it off your character and put it on the second character. This includes backpacks so NEVER give your second character the backpack you wear. He can have the same type of backpack but not the EXACT same backpack.

After you give him all the gold and silver, stop split screen then start it again. This will save the second character. Immediately start split screen again, have him drop all the silver and then quit the game.

Delete the most recent save of the second character then start your game again and open split screen. Your main and second character will now BOTH have the silver and the second character will have all the gold. Now just repeat the process of dropping silver and deleting the last save until you are satisfied with your ill-gotten wealth.

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