NieR: Automata – How to See Android Booty

This guide will teach you how to get to that precious android booty for your viewing pleasure.

Resistance Camp sudoku

We all know and love the thick plot this game provides, and I’m talking not only about the stellar dramaturgy by Yoko Taro, but also about 2B’s hot steamy buns.

What would be even better if we were able to gaze upon these magnificient haunches a bit more often, like, say… all the time? Fret not, have I got a guide for you!

NieR: Automata - How to See Android Booty

  • As soon as you get to the Resistance Camp locate the small meadow with white flowers sitting on it. Walk over them and stand right on top, they will proived a HOT (Heal over time) effect for your character. 
  • Now if you’re using a controller (as you goshdarn should, playing a Platinum game) press and hold both analog sticks. You should see poor 2B starting an old and honourable Japanese ritual of performing sudoku (i.e. self-destruct sequence). Keep holding those analog sticks a bit longer and 2B will painfully die… 
  • …Or not! Thanks to the healing effect of that flower bed you’re standing on, she will survive, but her clothes won’t be so lucky. 
  • Unlike us, the players, who will be so lucky as to view 2B’s precious android booty in all its glory!

Written by YoRHa 2B.

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