Tower Unite – Easter Egg Guide (Easter Event 2019)

A guide to the Easter Event 2019 (Update

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Update brought us the Easter event to Tower Unite. It is a relatively small, but has some event-exclusive goodies. The patch notes can be found under “Latest News” in game. This guide focuses on the Egg Hunting part.

Before Easter Egg Hunting

This is definitely the “best” part about the patch, and will be the only event where you’ll get the exclusive items in question.

Before starting off, you’ll want to turn “Foilage & Detail” to Low. This is to assist you in spotting the eggs.

This is how it looks like with the setting on Ultra.

And with the setting on Low.

How to Easter Egg Hunt

The event starts every quarter after and quarter to in the hour. (xx:15 and xx:45) You’ll notice an event prompt when it is time to hunt.

Followed by a…

Finding the eggs isn’t a difficult task. Here is where you can expect to find them:

Locations include:

  • The Tower Lobby, inside the lobby, and the marked grass patches outside of it.

  • East- and West Stores, both in, around and above them.

  • The Great Outdoors, specifically the stairs leading to the main fountain and around the main fountain itself.

  • And Broadwalk, including the path leading to Broadwalk and inside their stores.

That should give you most of the eggs, I may have missed some locations, but if you search these areas, you’ll get most of them.

Easter Egg Drops

  • Pile of Units.
  • Bag of Units.
  • Treasure Chest o’ Units.
  • Always Lucky Slot Machine.
  • Silver Catsack.

And for the event exclusive items:

  • Basket.
  • Bunny Catsack (Cannot be opened).
  • Bunny Ears.
  • Rabbit Plushy Special.
  • Throwable Eggs.


  • Upon restarting the game, foliage may reappear even though the setting is displayed as Low. To fix this, put the setting on either Medium or ULTRA, and then back down to Low.
  • The item rewards will not appear in your inventory right away. Most users report finding them after an hour or so. Many suspect it is due to server lag.
  • Some eggs have a golden texture. However, golden eggs do not drop anything different than “normal eggs”.
  • Egg collecting is client-based, meaning that no one can steal your precious eggs. You can also see how many eggs you can collect per event by holding TAB, and looking at the bottom of the scoreboard (This also goes for the Treasure Hunt event).
Written by Gay Bacon Strips

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