Mortal Kombat 11 – AFK Tower Farming for Coins / Souls / Hearts

In this guide I will explain how to fully afk farm towers for free coins, souls and hearts.

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The Auto Pressing Tools

First of all you need a program that will automaticly press the {ENTER} key every 10 seconds for you.
There are a couple of tools, but some of them like “Autohotkey” needs you to write your own scripts. So you need to have some basic understanding of coding. And in the end if you know how to code, you don’t need tools like such. For example a C or C++ programmer can easily make such tools.

So the tool I advice to non coders is

Also don’t worry about using the tool, it is open source and 100% clean, can test it in any virusscanner etc. A very easy to use tool after putting it into teh right settings. Basic but powerful!

Also make sure your settings will look like this:

By pressing F3 you turn the tool on / F4 to turn it off.


As for the towers itself, go to the normal towers (not the towers of time) and choose for “Endless Tower”.

Choose the character you prefer to use, but make sure you press the key to turn on AI fighter during character selection. So press enter on a character and before choosing the fighting style, click the right key to make it into an AI fighter.

Then ones selected choose the difficulty (Medium always makes you win, haven’t tryed harder modes yet).

After that just press F3 to turn on the auto key presser.

Now you can sit back and relax and let dear old Sektor AI beat the game for you and collect precious coins, souls, hearts and even level up your account!

The Krypt

What the endless towers will also help with is the Krypt. Because it collects items like:

  • 10 x fatality + 10 x brutality (The 10 x mercy you have to do by hand I’m afraid).
    (This will give 3 items to unlock a door inside Goro’s lair).
  • 50 x fatalities on every character (since AI does it’s own fatalities)
    (This will give you a characters head after doing 50 fatalities on that certain character. Heads
    you can use in the Krypt to unlock the epic skin chests.)


After each fight your gear will level up, meaning it will get open sockets to put attachments into it.
Make sure that after certain gear is maxed, to equip other gear on your character. You can do this at the customization part of the game.

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