For Honor – Berserker Guide

This is a very deep guide for Berserker. I’ll go through his moveset and some strats for him. Hope you’ll learn something new here!


First, I’ll go over each of his moves and abilities, after I’m gonna get into its strategies. Hope you can learn at least something new.

Dance of the Paired Blades (Chain)

Heavy, Light or Light, Heavy and when you execute a heavy you have to do it from sides (not from above). It can go for infinite and can be ended with a heavy attack above. After 4 hits in a row you become uniterruptible which means that if someone hits you, they will not stop the chain but it doesnt mean that it cant be blocked or parried. This is a very good move against people who have difficulties with parying or blocking, It is good as well to switch from it to Bear Mauler and if you are wondering what’s bear mauler…

Bear Mauler (Chain)

Heavy, Heavy, Heavy, it makes an enormous amount of damage if you pull it off, more precisely, 4 health segments. It can be usually parried with ez but we’ll speak more about this one in the strategy section.

Boar Rush (Not in Guard Mode)

Sprint + Heavy, use this only if you are sure that he will not block it or parry it.

Head Slicer

Dodge forward + Light, this is a great mode, it becomes uninterruptible if you jumped in the air and it is good for closing the distance with your opponent but it can be easily blocked or parried. It is less predictivable than the Head Crusher which we will get in a moment.

Head Crusher

Dodge forward + Heavy, eh.. I personally use this only if I throw someone on the ground and he’s is to far so I have to close distance. Be aware this is a very easy parried move and if the case is not this, you’ll do massive damage (1 segment and something).

Spin chop

Dodge sideways + Light, this is one of his greatest moves. You can dodge in the side of someone attacking direction and deal 70% of a health segment. It’s a great way to start combos.

Slashing Rush

Backwards + Zone Attack, is more a move to attack someone that is behind you in a 2v1 but making sure that the other guy wont hit you, I don’t really use this move but I guess I should start.

Zone Attack

Light + Heavy , do it when you are surrounded or want to finish off your opponent which is blocking everything or after a finished combo

Close Combat Ability

Attacks can be cancel by dodging, this is a way to fake without losing stamina or when you are exhausted or you can swithc it to a spin chop (my favorite).


Dodge into an attack when the red indicator flashes to get an instand block with a guard break in the same package, isnt this awesome?


Now that you know Berserker moves, let’s go into some strats, shall we?

  • You gotta be offensive and defensive, you gotta counter attack as hell and when you are just both staring awkardly, just fake heavy and spin chop or fake wait deflect and Heavy him sideways, light him and give him a top heavy, you get the idea, don’t be super defensive if that’s your playstyle. 
  • Choose deflect over parry, my opinion, you should only deflect if it’s not an unblockable hit because you risk much more less that if you would parry. Imagine, someone fakes and you parry, he’s getting a parry on you – and just to make the story more intense you are low hp – and you are DEAD. But with deflect you would just have dodge in the direction he attacked. 
  • Fake and Guard Break like crazy, TUTORIAL HOW TO DO IT: YOU PRESS HEAVY, YOU CANCEL AND AFTER YOU IMEDIATLY GUARD BREAK and your opponent wont have expected that from you. 
  • Always end with a top Heavy, you do massive damage with a top heavy, every chain/combo you do, if you can end it with a top heavy to it and just a quick reminder, top heavy attack in a combo takes more to charge so if the player isnt very experienced they will a have a little bit of trouble parrying. 
  • Fake and Hit, I think I already said it in the moveset section but why not say it here again.. right? Fake and light attack, scenario 1 he parries you HAVE A LOT OF TIME, scenario 2 he blocks and he will need a good reaction time to block your up coming next attack.

Written by Barak3ttt.

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