Forager – How to Farm Archaeology / Fix Shrine Price

The only way to effectively farm the last resources to complete the game.

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Introduction / Whining

So Forager is an awesome game and it has many great features. One of the best are the fact that you don’t get punished for destroying structures as you get back all the used materials. That means that you are free to go wild with your creations and have as much fun as you want. There is one limit with the cost increasing for each building you have of the specific kind but this is a minor detail.

Sadly this feature doesn’t work on all structures and you can easily get stuck in the end game if you don’t know about how shrines work in terms of building and destroying them.

Everytime you make a shrine will the cost go up but everytime you destroy one it will it not go down. You will get some resources back but you can very quickly end up with only 4 shrines left if you do decide to make some redecorating.

That means you will have to be careful when deciding where to build them and this feature is only in the game to stop people from creating shrines, use the buff and then destroy them again but it’s an idiotic reason. You can just make it so it’s on cooldown when you create it and the problem is solved. but the game is the way it is now so the only way to fix this idiotic problem is to solve it with some cheesy tricks.

Quick Explanation

Shrines go up in price everytime you build them but don’t go down in price like every other building everytime you destroy them so you can’t abuse the buffs they offer. You could just add the cooldown when buildilng the shrines but the game is stupid on this aspect so nothing can be done. A way to fix this is down under the trick.

Infinite Shrines and Fish Traps

Be prepared for this to take some time but it does work and will decrease the time needed to get all the archaeology items needed to finish the game as fast as possible.

It focuses around the buff.

Constructing structures cost less materials.

The Trick

The way the trick works is by destroying all the fish traps you have and almost all your shrines but you will need a few to get a specific buff. This buff makes it so your structures only cost half resources to build. You can probably see where this is going, so once you get this buff will you then create all the fish traps you can and shrines and then wait for the buff to finish. After this is done will you have to destroy your shrines/fish traps again and then repeat. It’s stupid and shouldn’t be needed to complete the game but there is nothing to do about it.

Also make sure to get the potion for extra luck.
I’ve made a step by step to make it more manageable.

The game will lag quite a lot because of the many resources used so try to keep it to a minimum once you have the needed shrines and fish traps you need.

Step by Step


You will need as many shrines as possible. I only had 4 at the start but i think you can do this with at least two. And you will need as many fish traps as possible. You should know how to create their individual resoures but for fish traps can you buy 150 berries in shops so try that and see if you can buy some more with those resources. Now you have to destroy a few of your shrines and hope that the remaining will have the buff. If you don’t get the buff will you have to wait for 20 minutes for the buff to come back.

  • Step 1: Destroy shrines until you have at least 2 left preferably 4-6 (depending on your luck). And destroy all your fish traps.
  • Step 2: Use the remaining shrines until you get the buff.

Constructing structures cost less materials.

  • Step 3: Build as many fish traps and shrines as you can and make sure to build them so they don’t block each other and so they are easily accesible. Do this before the timer of the buff runs out.
  • Step 4: Wait for the timer of the buff to run out. Then repeat from step 1.
Written by Birckk

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