NieR: Automata – Fast Money-Farming

How To…

Fast Money-Farming right after Tutorial-Chapter here is what you need to do:

  • Finish Tutorial, it doesnt matter which Difficulty.
  • Go to the Point were 9S is talking with you.
  • Now you can go into every Room and use the Shop, do it go to the Shop before continuing the Story.
  • First buy the Fishing Mod and equipt it, after that its up to u if you want to buy anything.
  • Continue with what you want to do up to the Point when you reach Earth.
  • In the first Area there are plenty of spots where you can find Water and can fish but for this Guide we want to find the Waterfall area which you can find in front of the base where u have to go for the Mainstory.
  • Go to a Position where the Water wont wave off ur Fishing-Roboter/Book for example there are spots where the water is flowing against the land thats were you have to throw ur fishing machine, if ur machine is moving to the side or up/down fishing gets slower or it might not even work.
  • Fish and Chill Big fish in that river gives you 3500 little fish 500 each middle fish around 1500 Money.
    Remember to be able to fish fast ur “Machine” have to stay still.
  • Now go to the Base talk with the leader which unlocks the shops (Story) and you can sell ur fish 🙂

Written by CoLd aka Wolf.

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