Fantastic Danmaku Festival Part II – 100% Achievement Guide

On this guide I will explain how to get all the achivements in the game 東方幕華祭 春雪篇 ~ Fantastic Danmaku Festival Part II.
Some of the achievement descriptions are a little vague, but I will explain how to get each achievement with stats and all.

Main Achievements

Thanks For Playing

Just open then game~ as easy as pie.

First Meeting

Start a single game on any difficulty. You should get it as soon as the game starts.

Spring Awake

Finish the game with any character without using continues. For what I know you can do it on any difficulty, but I recommend playing on normal or higher.

Full Attendence

Finish the games with all characters without using any continues. Again I recommend normal mode for this, it isn’t that hard and this game is fairly generous~

Horror Recalling

Clear the extra stage with any character. As soon as you get your first 1CC with any character you can play the extra stage.

Pieced Clues

Clear the extra stage with all characters. With enough practice and patience you can get this one easily. (Funny enough at the time I’m writing this guide this is the only achievement I haven’t gotten because I’m lazy lol)

Sighing Aftersound

Stay on the music room for 2 hours straight. You can just stay there and afk while listening to this blessed OST.

Challenge Achievements

One thing worth knowing is that any attempt on practice/spellcards practice won’t count towards these achivements. You gotta do it on single mode.

Blurred Dream

Stay alive for 60 seconds on the spell “Virginal White Fairy Tale” or “Spotless Dreamland” depending on the difficulty you are playing. This is stage 6 Hyp’s spellcards. Be careful, after some time the spell card will become harder. Try practicing on spellcards before attempting this one on single mode.

Cat pitting Addictor

Increase the graze counter over 3.000 in any of Chen’s non-spells. This can be done either on stage 2 or extra stage. I recommend doing it on the extra stage, since grazing the bullets on her non-spells is easier,just spin around and refrain from shooting until you get the achievement.


Don’t shoot on stage 2 (or the extra stage) until Chen appears. It’s easy enough, just make sure to avoid the ghosts since some of them come down. Most of the bullets on both stage 2 and extra stage are streamable anyways.

Perfect Show

Clear stage 3 without getting hit. For what I know you can still use bombs/borders as long as you don’t get hit. If I’m wrong pls lmk~

Starring Self

Capture the spell card “Ten Bu Hou Rin” without using focus (slow mode). This is Ran’s last spellcards on stage 5. I recommend practicing on spellcard practice before attempting this on single mode.

Firm Determination

Capture the spell card “‘Seduction‘ Wandering Utsusemi’”. This spell card is only available on hard and lunatic. This spell card has a gimmick where you have to recover your “soul”, otherwise you will loose a live. This spellcard is easy once you know it’s trick so good luck!

Thousand Sakura

Capture the spell card “Cherry Garden of Saigyoji”. Nothing much to add, the spellcard is pretty easy~

Swarming Out

Capture the spell card “Domineering Spider Lady”. This one is annoying, try moving across the screen on a circle, being careful of the bullets that are spawned. Definitely practice this one before trying it on Extra mode.

Horrible Tales

Clear the extra stage without loosing lives. I got this one using a bomb on the stage so I guess you are allowed to use bombs/borders, but this is yet to be confirmed. I know this is repetitive but try practicing the last spells since they are kinda tricky. Good luck beating that gap youkai!

Fadeless Sakura

The description for this achievement is incomplete. You need to clear Stage 6 without loosing any lives, and also not using any bombs or borders. Practice a lot! The art on this achievements is gorgeous.

Hidden Achievements

Happy grazing

Get over 40k graze. You can get this one on normal mode, but I do recommend hard or lunatic. If you grind graze on all the bosses you should get this one by stage 4.

Perfect Timing

Finish a spell card on the last second, just lower the boss and wait for the timer to be on 1 second. Timing is esencial.

Sale Chariot

Start 55 borders during games. Just use your borders intentionally and you should get this one sooner or later.

Fearless Storm

Stay still for 5 seconds when there is more than 800 bullets on screen. I got this one on Lily White’s second non-spell on Lunatic. Try doing it on Lily White or on Yuyuko’s fight.

Fuwa Fuwa

Clear a stage without using focus (slow mode). Try doing it on stage 1, for your sake.

Full Confidence

Clear the game without using bombs. Just be confident and use borders if you need it.


Capture Yuyuko’s last spell card while you don’t have any lives or bombs. Just play normally and intentionally loose your lives and bombs before her last spell card. Getting this one is epic~

Bustling Spring

Get a score of 300,000,000 or more from a single border. This one is kinda hard. I got it on stage 6 before Yuyuko arrived on Lunatic. Just be careful with your borders and graze a lot. I think playing on hard or lunatic is esencial.

Neo Enchanting

Get over 80k graze. This one is really hard. I got it on my lunatic playtrought on Yuyuko’s last spell card. Intentionally use bombs to graze bullets while you are invincible. If you ran out of bombs just loose a live and repeat. This is what pro players usually do on score runs, this one might take a while but be confident and try your best!

Independence Day

Crash into a boss to clear a spell card. Lower the boss to really low health and then crash onto her. Easy to do on Hyp’s second spell card.

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