Descenders – Speed for All Boss Jumps

A guide for all the speeds needed to get over the boss jumps easily.

Career Boss Jumps

These are general speeds (km/h) from a few runs I tried, not exact but if you go around these speeds you should have a good shout at clearing them. They’ve helped me get 1st in daily a lot and 250k+ runs consistently.


  • 66-73 to clear with bunny hop.
  • 68-72 without bunny hop.


  • 69-71 with bunny hop.
  • 72-74 no bunny hop.


To Clear

  • 75-82 no bunny hop.
  • 77-79 bunny hop.

To Land on Top

  • 68-73 no bunny hop.
  • 70-73 bunny hop.


  • 77-80 no bunny hop.
  • 77-80 bunny hop.


The run in and landing matters quite a lot on this one and you can get screwed over by RNG.

  • 75-85 no bunny hop.
  • 78-82 bunny hop up to 85 is possible just more sketchy.


  • 70-85 no bunny hop.
  • 70-85 bunny hop.


To clear helicopter non fire node you need 105 km/h and a moonjump.
To clear without fire you need to be going between 73 and 75 and counter pump into the transition then pedal and jump out. It’ll some practice but after a few runs it should get very consistent.

  • 84-86 on fire node.


Pretty much just send it at around 100 and counter pump the landing.

Career Plus Boss Jumps


70-80 ride up the ramp then jump off the top and do the trick you need for the objective.
80+ you can clear the entire thing but the landing is quite tricky
Pretty much the same with fire node may need some more speed.


  • 75-83 no bunny.
  • 74-83 bunny.


Around 77-81, you have to counterpump up the face of the jump.


79-86 without fire, at lower speeds you’ll have to do a moonjump or land on the statues head then jump off in quick succession. I’d recommend 84-86 like the fire ring.


84-86 Hold down on the right joystick from the takeoff to the landing and you’ll clear it no problem.


I’d recommend just sending this one, you’ll probably make it.

  • 95-100+ no bunny hop.
  • 97-100+ bunny hop.

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