Football Manager 2019 – Training Tips and Tricks

Training Tips and Tricks

After longterm injuries always give your player GENERAL REHAB individual training (he will regain his atts quickly) and when your coach notice you about your player to change his individual training (arange in staff responsibilities for once a week this notification) then change his individual training and also turn your attention on INTENSITY LEVEL in individual training and always arange this Intensity level as your physio recommends to you (player will develope further and will have less injuries)..

Here you got few examples how I develope player roles to be “acomplished”. When I bought these players, these acomplished roles/positions (dark green color) was only in yellow or orange color (awkward), so thru time I developed these other roles/positions to be acomplished and these kind of development also has a positive impact on player attributes (also develope player traits properly for each position – attributes will go up also)…

Football Manager 2019 - Training Tips and Tricks
Football Manager 2019 - Training Tips and Tricks
Football Manager 2019 - Training Tips and Tricks
Football Manager 2019 - Training Tips and Tricks

…also, my specialty is when I bought young striker (U18 players) to develope him for IF roles (if he is left footed I train him for AMR Inside forward role and if he have strong both foots I train him and for AMR&AML IF roles-strikers who are natural on IF roles will always score more than wingers on IF roles/greater finishing) do this properly put your young striker in u20 squad, asign him in your u20 tactic to play on trained position/role and also asign this player to be available to play in u18 squad for 90 minutes and in u18 tactic asign him to play on trained position (on this way he will have more playin time and will quickly develope his new position/role to be Natural-Strikers are always more suitable for retraining them to be natural as a wingers/IForwards, you will not have this luck with wingers if you retrain them for other wing/acomplished position is maximum)…and best age for retraining position is when your players are U20yo (they will surely developed as a Natural on new position)

…it’s good to mentioned that your u20&u18 managers must be in staff responsibilities be asigned to play with your tactic and their preffered tactic (1st or 2nd) must be the same as your main tactic what you using (quality development of young players and better understanding of your tactic for your u20&u18 managers).

Also take your attention to your coaches..their main mental attributes must be at least 45 points (three main mental attributes must have 45 points, all three together-determination, level of discipline and motivating) and two main coaching attributes must have together 35-40 points for best results on training (for fitness and Shot stopping is only one main attribute so this must be 20 points).

That three main mental attributes with years of your coahes will go down (motivating mostly) and this attribute droping from your coaches also have a impact on player injuries..when your coach get old (58+yo) his main mental attributes will go down, if/when this happenes, if three main mental attributes (all three together) goes below 40 points your players will surely be more injured and they will have more longterm injuries…so it’s important to react on time and sack your old coach which has these mental attribute droping and you need to buy new younger coach with better mental attributes (main)…also for better training results, your coaches must have 1st or 2nd preffered tactic to be the same as your main tactic.

If you can’t find coach who has 45 points on three main mental attributes (all three together) and around 35-40 pts for coaching atts, then just buy some very young coach (below 40yo) who has these three mental atts around 40 points,, send him on coaching courses to earn “Continental pro license” and his atts will go UP with every new qualification.

If your assistant runs your trainings than most valuable attribute is Man Managment, if its 20 than your assistant will perfectly runs your trainings (low injury rating and high player attributes growth), of course mental attributes from your assistant like determination, level of discipline and motivation is crucial for training stars (in combination with coaching atts.) and must be at least 45 (all 3 atts together). And if your assistant runs for you in-match opposition instructions, than most valuable attributes are tactical knowledge and judging player ability, if this two atts. are very high than your assistant will create best possible instructions and your team chance for winning is bigger (very important for big/CL matches), also your assistants preffered tactic (1st or 2nd) must be the same as your main tactic (will better arange opposition instructions for you).

Here is example of how it looks my assistant’s attributes:

Football Manager 2019 - Training Tips and Tricks

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