KARDS – Basics and Tips

Some general advice and tips.


  • You gain one Kredit per turn, up to 12.
  • Even if you get extra Kredits slots, you are still limited to 12 max.
  • Your maximum hand size is 9 cards, past that you lose the cards.
  • The first player starts with 4 Kards. The second player starts with 5.
  • Unless specified as targeting a unit, a valid target is also the enemy HQ.
  • A unit won’t attack the turn it enters play, unless if it has Blitz.
  • All duels are simultaneous except if one has Ambush or if the attacker is an artillery or Bomber (exceptions to all these rules exist!).
  • They are 3 lines: your support, the enemy support, the frontline. Only one player controls at a time the frontline.
  • A bomber can’t attack the line a fighter is in, except if it targets the fighter.

Cards Types


Usually cheap, infantry pack a good punch for their cost. Some have nice extra effects too.


Artillery is never retaliated against when it attacks and will deal damages if attacked by a non-artillery, non-bomber unit. For the same cost, weaker than a bomber, but probably more defensive.


They all have innately the possibility to move and attack, even without Blitz. If with Blitz, they can do that the turn they enter play. They usually pack a lot of punch, but are costlier than infantry.


Can attack from afar the HQ or support line and will prevent bombers from attacking the line they are in (unless the bomber targets the fighter)


They cost a lot but pack very good punch, more than artillery. Their drawbacks is that they never retaliate when attacked, contrary to artillery. They can be interdicted by fighters also.


They are not units and do a variety of things. They are expended once used.


You need to invest Kredits to activate them for one turn and will trigger if the conditions are right, during the enemy turn.

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