PUBG – Basics and Some Tricks

Learn a couple tricks and know when to fight, kind of thing.

The Waiting Room

Here the game will start.
If you get a gun, if your a bit rusty or just want some practice pick someone out of the crowd thats running alot and see how many shots you can land on him/her.

Make sure your sound is loud enough to hear foot steps but not to loud so the gun shots are really loud.


You want to pick the right gun for your enviroment or you will die really quick.

Shotguns: take shotguns in cities or general close grounds because they will one shot even a guy with military vest and level 3 helmet.

S1897: take this if you are either a poor to decent shot because the 5 bullets give you a really good chance of hit him more than the other shotguns and the pump makes it so you realign your shot between pumps. (Found In Buildings)

S686: this shotgun is amazing if your a good shot. if you can just point at them a click 1 or 2 times are their dead this shotgun will make you king of the cities. (Found In Buildings)

S12K: this shotgun is really good because you can get the most ammo in a magazine and put a supressor on it. With this the gun is commonly misused people just tap it until their out of ammo and then die if they didnt kill them. quickly realign your shot on them then fire again then realign it again. (Found In Buildings)

Submachine guns: decent late game if you get close enough for their low damage high fire rate but i would use them in cities or when moving from mountains or hill if you’ve got trees to your back.

UMP9: its great in buildings because it does a decent amount of damage but dont use it over a shotgun in a building use it in street to street combat or at a medium/closer range. (Found In Buildings)

Micro UZI: this thing if you miss the first shot of your shotgun most of the time just use this instead it has the most bullets shot in a second ever just aim and hold down trigger. (Found In Buildings)

Tommy Gun: i usually don’t use this weapon because by the time you get this gun you’ve already got a rifle because air drops come later in the game and you want to be able to hit your target a 100 meters away near the end. (Found In Buildings)

Assault Rifles: The mid to long range gun of the game use it as best you can at farther ranges and swap scopes depending on your range between, keep in mind in close range use a shotgun instead of a assault rifle because it can one shot your enemy and not 5/6 shot them

AKM: my personal favorite of them all, its really good at close range but quickly with tap fire can take people out at close range. optimize your full auto with this gun and its high damage. (Found In Buildings)

M16A4: alot more accurate than the rest of the assault rifles use a 4x scope or just take a little time between shots escepially if their far away. gun is pretty bad close range unless you’ve got the advantage. (Found In Buildings)

M416/Scar-L : versatile and good damage, these guns are the best for customization in all ways possible. use these guns in any case unless you like 1 of the guns above more. good at any range depending on the customization of the gun. (Found In Buildings)

Sniper Rifles: best long range guns. mostly 1 shot head shots and only customization you really need is a scope. horrible close range use anything else than these close range.

Karabiner 98 Kurz: Not great late game because it two shot headshots when they have a level 3 helmet and its bolt but great otherwise use it as a way of instantly killing them so make sure you got the shot. (Found In Buildings And Airdrops)

SKS: this ones more of a mid range sniper it will usually take 2 head shots to kill someone so if you can get a headshot make sure you pop off 2 shots. (Found In Buildings And Airdrops)

M24: 1 shot headshot so get the headshot. take 8/15x scopes depending on distance and its bolt so use it wisely but it uses 7.62 ammo so you can get alot of ammo and it still works without getting ammo from airdrops. (Found In Airdrops)

AWM: the beast of snipers use it very wisely because its ammo is only in airdrops and its usually only comes with 20 shots. use at long ranges so you have the advantage.

Guns not to use: their usually just bad and poor damage.

Pistols: only use if you hop in a house and get nothing else. (Found In Buildings alot)

Crossbow: unless your Daryl dont. (Found In Buildings)

Guns to use if you want: their good but its not always the best

M249: it take a lot to get and usually you will get headshot while trying to get it, use it to destroy vechiles and in teams use it for easy cover fire while your team moves in for the kills.


The game in current state is pretty laggy use it to your advantage.

Defensive plays: use third person and lag to your advantage.

Buildings: in a building if you have a one entrance hall or something like that use it to your advantage. most cases when you shoot with a shotgun they’ll instantly die and they cant do anything aganist it because shotguns are amazing just dont miss or you will die plus you get your shot off on most screens before they will load you in.

Out Gunned Building: jump out of their quick it takes the tallest of buildings for falling damage and you can quickly get to cover before he has a chance to shoot if he realizes you jumped out.

Tree to tree: stun gernades are your friend. they will stun for like 5 seconds easy time to move to another tree without him knowing or running.

Being Sniped: run to cover if you have none do a zig zag type pattern with a mix up movement inbetween your movements. If in cover make sure you know where he is or he could be behind you. (its sucks when they’re behind you)

Offensive plays: use your position to your advantage and make sure if they dont know your their use it to easily kill them while they dont except it.

Tree to tree/open ground: make sure you know where he is and use it to your advantage because you can shoot as much as you want and if you know where he is you can just realign your shot. it takes a moment for them to figure out where you are. unless he knows where you are then try to use a gernade on them or just punish them when they peak.

Building: Use a shotgun/smg to kill as fast as possible. If you land near a lot of people when you kill someone wait a moment to see if someone else is coming.

Sniping: If they arent moving just punish them with a easy headshot or just get a few shots on them which should kill them pretty quickly with body shots. (1 or 2 or 3 shots depending on armor and sniper).

Rushing: Make sure you have the advantage here if you dont you will lose. if you’ve hit them once or twice already or if you have a shotgun or full auto gun like AKM, M416 or Scar-L. Make sure you have max life and if you dont have helmet and or body armor do not do this tactic ever.

Prone: Terrible unless your sniping or really far away because you cant move while aimed down sights and third person give them the advantage of knowing where you are.

Crouch: Use this if try to get through open fields without being spoted.

Standing: Use this most times just make sure when your being sniped run.


While going down you want to pick a spot that is large enough to get lots of gear but you want people to be their too.

Why you might ask that you want people their. well in a large city you dont have to loot the whole city if someone loots half if you kill him you’ve got the whole cities loot.

Press alt to free lock and figure out where other people are going to land.

Stay towards the middle of the map unless you know your going to get a vechile or your fine with running.


Looting you will want to get a gun of sorts, a thing of body armor, a helmet and backpack.

Make sure you pay attention for footsteps.

If caught in a building unarmed or out gunned remember if your on the top floor you can just jump and run for cover.

the distance required at the start when the force field first comes in is 1/3(closer to safe zone)of the way. if your 1/3(closer to safe zone) of the distance between force field and safe zone you want to run. anymore than that you want to run before the force field comes in. With a car you just stay in front of it.

The Force Field

If you want to pick people off stay near the outside of safe zone. Go to the safe zone if you’ve got a safe way their make sure you have a cover spot to go to. Make sure you move a little even behind cover because people could move in from behind the force field.

The force field doesn’t mean you are safe from someone coming from behind because the force field is usually used when someone is running from it as a way of killing one person from behind because most people dont think the force field makes your back safe.

Late Game

Make sure you know where people are. Make sure your back is covered and use gernades to make people push out of cover. Try to pick them off while they do try to change cover. Use assault rifles to get better overall killing power.

Written by CaptainRain.

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