Warframe – Hidden Sentient Labs (Gas City)

This guide will show you how to access the Sentient Labs that are tucked away in the newly remastered Gas City tileset.

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Where to Start

First things first, you need to see if there is a door to the hidden lab on your tileset. It will look like this.

Warframe - Hidden Sentient Labs (Gas City)

The symbols on the door are the unlock code. There are typically 3 or 4. (These symbols can sometimes bug out, like in the following image)

Warframe - Hidden Sentient Labs (Gas City)

The door will still be able to be opened, it just takes some guesswork.

Opening the Access Panels!

The symbols on the door can be opened by access panels that correspond with the different shapes. In order to open the panels and access the switch for each shape you must first find (and break) the access panel fuse box. It looks like this:

Warframe - Hidden Sentient Labs (Gas City)

Once you have found (and broken) that, the access panels will slide up and allow you to hit the switch for each corresponding shape.

Here is a closed panel:

Warframe - Hidden Sentient Labs (Gas City)

Here is an open panel:

Warframe - Hidden Sentient Labs (Gas City)

Entering the Code

Now that the access panels have been opened, they will have control panel icons that will show up on your map – making them far easier to find. Figure out which ones are which so you can rush to each in the right order, as the first one will start a countdown timer! If you don’t hit them all within the time limit, it will reset, but don’t worry! You can attempt this as many times as you like. You will want to do them in order from top to bottom. So our door code was: empty cube, triangle, full cube, half circle.

Once the door is open, you should see a small hall with a purple locker and a fancy new door.

Warframe - Hidden Sentient Labs (Gas City)

The locker will contain one of the new gas city captura scenes. There will be another locker inside the lab.

Loot Loot Loot Loot Loot!

To get inside the lab you will have to use your handy dandy hand cannon via Spoiler Mode. Once inside some lab techs will try to hurt you, but you can loot and be on your way before their experiments come to life.

Warframe - Hidden Sentient Labs (Gas City)

Grab the loot from the other purple locker, and kill everything if you want more of the new set mods. You can also get codex scans on the enemies if you wait for them to break out.

This is only one of numerous puzzle rooms they have added to the Gas City.

Written by Zykk


  1. Will all the switches and the lab entrance be in the same tile/room, or spread out across the entire map?

    • They will all be on the same tile, yes. Some of the access panel breaker boxes will be hidden very well. I know of at least one that is behind a door that only opens when crates come through it and is otherwise inaccessible.

  2. spoiler mode isn’t counted as spoiler mode anymore. DE uses Operators in advertising now and nearly every new player and their mom will see Operators when playing early missions. For those who don’t know what Operators are though, you should do the story.
    Good guide, but I feel it’s a little vague and can be added to since there are so many people asking questions.

  3. I wanted to add since you don’t have it mentioned here, that if you’ve done the tile once and find a door there once again, the code order will be exactly the same every time, as well as the location of the access box. So if you’ve done it once, if you can remember where the box is along with the 3-4 panels, you can do them regardless of whether or not the door is bugged.
    Access panels are super sneaky but they have a buzzing sound that gives them away. If you learn all the locations on every tile with secret labs, you are guaranteed to open at least one door every game to get those 13 Captura scenes 😀
    Also, the enemies inside the labs are currently unavailable anywhere else, so that’s why those codex entries from them are important.

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