Tower Unite – How to Fish

Need to learn how to fish? Well this is the guide for you.

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Step #1: Buying Equipment

To begin fishing you need a fishing rod and fishing bait, both of which can be bought from Sir Reel
at the gone fishin’ shop found on the boardwalk next to the roller coaster found here. He sells the bait and fishing rod required.

Tower Unite - How to Fish

Step #2: Finding a Spot

After you have the rod and bait in hand its time to look for a spot to use them. There are a total of 4 spots you can fish at, all of which are the same and don’t change anything other than scenery. They can be seen clearly due to the blue outline on them and the “Fishing Zone Ahead” Sign. Pictured below are the 4 spots.

  • Spot 1 is next to the fishing vendor.

Tower Unite - How to Fish

  • Spot 2 is next to the beach and at the end of the boardwalk.

Tower Unite - How to Fish

  • Spot 3 is behind the games building, it also has a fishing vendor on the dock.

Tower Unite - How to Fish

  • Spot 4 is on hill behind the rollercoaster.

Tower Unite - How to Fish

Step 3: Fish!

After choosing a spot you are now ready to fish. Fishing in TU is a bit more interactive than most games with fishing but once you get a hang of it its really not as hard as you might think. Lets start with what happens when you first cast your line. Your bobber is moveable so you can lure fish easier if they run to far away from the bobber. you’ll notice transparent fish in the water, these are the “normal fish” no gimmick involved. Along with the normal fish there are gold which signify rare fish and fish with ? in them, these are fish that contain items in them and when caught do not give a fish and instead give you a random item. Once you have your sights on a fish we can slowly approach with the bobber till you see a ! above its head this means its curious and will start to swim towards it. After a second of the fish being curious it will gain a <3 above its head and any second now it will start biting, you need to start reeling in when there is a teeth icon above its head. Now is the intense part, you will suddenly be greeted with this on screen.

Don’t fret because i will explain all the elements of this UI. The pink semi circle on the outside of this is the part you need to follow with the white semi circle. The blue bars on the very outside will turn orange then red, this is your current progress to catching the fish and will make a complete circle when you catch the fish. In the very middle is the stress of the line, the more your white semi circle is outside and not touching the pink semi circle the more this circle will fill until eventually snapping and causing you to lose your fish.

Final Notes

These are just some extra facts. While fishing you may come across sea dollar’s, a new currency. This currency can be used to buy pets for your condo and spending them requires you to visit a new vendor, She the dolphin.

She can be found right next to fishing spot 2 in the water next to the beach pictured here.

Tower Unite - How to Fish

Thanks for reading, I hope you gained some knowledge for the art of fishing.

Written by Harvey

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