Katana ZERO – Hard Mode Tips

Hard Mode Tips

Working my way through hard mode and thought I would share some tips as this is really tough and some sections absolutely had me stumped.

To start you want the master sword as it shoots a beam and can take out more enemies.

Also, if you see a gun try to skip it. It does not count towards the enemies that need to be wiped out on the map and if you try to battle the gun you may make things harder on yourself. Only take them out when you feel it is absolutely necessary.

Use slow motion a lot and try to roll as often as you can. For the most part keep landing roll off and only turn it on on those sections you think it might help.

Finally think on your feet and try to strategize a map out by thinking to yourself about which would be the best way to take out a map. Sometimes the first route you see may not be the best and the alternate side route may be better to take out enemies over in another corner first then come back to the others.

Most of all good luck and practice hard! You got this.

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