Ring of Elysium – Best Loadout

With this loadout, you will reach top of leaderboards in 8 hours.

Biggest Secret Revealed

The Best Load Out (Alternatives):

  • Slot 1 = SMG: Skorpion (mp5>mpx>vector>p90)
  • Slot 2 = AR: AK15 full kit (M4A1 full kit=Aug>FAMAS>LVOAC)
  • Slot 3 = SR/DMR: G28, MK12 (single shot AK15/47/Groza > any AR except FAMAS)

  • Grenade slot: 2 frag, 2 flash
  • Heals: 1 trauma, 4 Med kits, 15 First Aids
  • Ammo (spare): 220 orange (9mm); 100 each for slots 2 and 3 weapons

The above maxes you out on weight.


  • Slot 1: pick up the p90 and you’re back to the lobby when ammo runs out
  • Slot 1: why twice the ammo? Choose AR as your main weapon and return to lobby. Main advantage of SMG is not having to aim down sights in close range combat, which should be your main combat if Chess 3D and Duck Hunt are not your most played Steam and Nintendo games respectively

  • Slot 2: always use while aiming through a scope
  • Slot 2: never, never use 4X on full auto (others will claim they know how to control the auto recoil; I’d floss my teeth with their compilation videos using single shot against them)
  • Slot 2: some will claim M4A1 or Aug are superior because of less recoil and higher fire rate; I’ll chin them with 2 AK bullets before they even start counting the fire rate.

  • Slot 3: Do not, I repeat, DO NOT pick up Mosin, R700, remington or any other bolt action rifle, unless you enjoy the lobby. The latency does not allow respectable consistency of these weapons.
  • Slot 3: pay no attention to 8x scope; it has no place in a game with the current latency issues

  • Slot 0: Floor: this is where all shotguns, handguns, and vectors without extended mag should remain. Thanks.

Grenade slot: to sound smart, players will say things like “smoke is most helpful;” pIn most games smoke is very helpful, but in this game, it is not designed correctly. It takes too long for the smoke to grow, it does not cover the ladder, and it does not help conceal you looting or reviving a teammate because it will reveal your location, it masks footsteps for you as well as for the enemy, and if you are skilled, you can outplay enemies using footsteps. Concussion grenades are 30% effective and inconsistent but better than 0%. Pick up a smoke if you enjoy the lobby. To sound smart, players will say things like “smoke is most helpful.”

Heals: Almost all players do not realize that the health of each armor piece is listed when you press Tab (they will claim they knew after reading this); thus, they do not realize that Level 2 vest is 230 and level 1 vest is 220. Is that a lot? You tell me. No single bullet damages only 10. Do NOT look for high level vests. Latency makes them completely useless. Level 2 helmet is 250 vs 150 for Level 1, so that is worth it, as is Lvl 3 helmet. Thanks.

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