Warhammer: Chaosbane – Konrad Vollen Mid / End Game Build

I have been playing Konrad Vollen for a couple of hours now and figured this is the way to do it.

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Konrad Vollen Build

So here is the deal!

  • Basic Attack (MB1): Defensive Strike (go Mastered when possible)
  • Advanced skill (MB2): Whirling Slash
  • T1: Sigmar’s Wrath – God skill from the God Skill Tree, grab this as soon as possible, (go Mastered when possible)
  • T2: Banner of the Empire (go Superior when possible)
  • T3: Justice of the Empire (go Superior when possible)
  • T4: Break Through the Ranks (go Mastered when possible)


  • Bastion against Corruption – Mastered
  • Wisdom of the Apothecary – Mastered

Stats to Stack:

  • Block and Counter-attack.

Rundown Strategy:

Mobs/exploration/leveling/questing: Enter a zone and find the first set of mobs and pop Sigmar’s Wrath; now its time for the pain-train to leave the station.

Just hold that Break Through their Ranks skill through all the mobs you can find and watch em go!

When the train comes to an end, pop Banner of the Empire and open with Justice of the Empire and start stacking with Defensive Strike for that extra Block. When Sigmar’s Wrath is finished cooling down, its time for the train to leave the station.

Rinse and repeat.

Boss Strategy:

  • The train goes in a circle.
Written by Montross

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