PUBG – How to Get High FPS (FPS Boost)

In this guide, I will tell you how to get more fps in PUBG! ūüėČ

Launch options

  • Go to Steam -> Library -> Right click on PUBG -> Properties -> Launch options.
  • Paste in Launch options: “-sm4 -malloc=system -USEALLAVAILABLECORES”

Commands explanations:

  • -sm4: uses shader model 4 instead of 5.¬†
  • -USEALLAVAILABLECORES: forces windows to use all available cores.¬†
  • -malloc=system: forces game to use Windows allocator.

GameUserSettings.ini Settings:



You can find it at:

  • C:UsersUserNameAppDataLocalTslGameSavedConfigWindowsNoEditor¬†and replace it with this.

In-game Settings

  • Quality: CUSTOM
  • Screen Scale: 90
  • Anti-Aliasing: VERY LOW
  • Post-Processing: VERY LOW
  • Shadows: VERY LOW
  • Texture: HIGH
  • Effects: VERY LOW
  • Foliage: VERY LOW
  • Motion Blur: Unchecked
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