Deathgarden: Bloodharvest – General Guide

This is just a little bit of info I wanted to put together, from my time of playing as both Scavenger, and Hunter. It may contain strategy, tips or hints, or just general information. Some of it may just be my thoughts, or opinions. What works for me, and may help others as well.


Well, I more or less just wanted to throw this together so that I could put what I know into the community, and hopefully it helps someone. I have seen people have issues with the game, as well as some who think that one side or the other is overpowered.

I do not feel like they are, from my experience. That it really does just come down to player skill. I have seen good and bad players on both sides, as well as exceptionally good and bad players, both sides, and I hope that with this guide I will be able to help people see that. But I digress. I have picked up some tricks while playing, learned things, and come up with my own tactics for situations and characters, and it is through sharing them that I hope people will come to like the game more, and do well.

Round Start: Some Tips and Other Info

I would like to put some general info here of how the first minute of a round(including before the round starts) goes for me, and things I have observed, and how I start out.

Some notes: As a Scavenger, in the pre-round lobby, you can hear if the Hunter fires his weapons – this may help you figure out ahead of time who you are going to have to deal with, and plan accordingly. On the flipside, as a Hunter, on some maps if the fog is clear enough, you can see across to the Scavenger spawn – if they fire their bolts, you can see it, and you may even be able to see what side they drop down towards, giving you a slight advantage on where to go first, left or right.

As a Hunter, I start out with a slight running start, a second or two before the gate opens, activate the Supercharge, and launching myself with a jump towards whatever side feels right or has more Body Piles, if I wasn’t able to discern where the Scavengers were going. Specific playstyle at that point can change, depending on what Hunter you are playing, but my general go-to is to quickly use Supercharge to visit the nearby Body Piles, and you can usually catch an unsuspecting Scavenger off guard, and maybe get an early Down/Execute, which can slow down their blood gathering, and be a hit to Scavenger morale. After getting that first person down, check the area for signs of any other people, listen for their sounds.. If nothing is immediately evident, then start hitting nearby Power Crates to get those drones up, as well as ammo, as you will probably be needing that pretty soon. Can hack crates as you feel necessary, though it may reveal your position to the Scavengers, I usually don’t spend the time or ammo hacking crates unless it is with Stalker’s auto-hack. Use your Power Cores to bring up as many drones as possible, though it may be wise to activate the ones near the towers sooner than others, to make the Scavengers use ammo, as well as give you a visible and audible cue that someone is nearby. Another thing I would say with the Supercharge is to de-activate it mid-jump, if you think you will be landing near scavengers, as the sound can alert them to your approach, and coming up on some people who don’t expect you is very satisfying.

Other Hunter Info: They all have three abilities – Supercharge, Shock, and some ability unique to them. Supercharge is great, lets you run fast and superjump and half-fly around. Shock is a great ability to use as well – it causes a damage/stun area around you, which you can use in a few ways. It can help you figure out if there are any Scavengers hiding in bushes nearby, and the stun part of it will stop any Scavenger activity – whether they’re gathering blood, a crate, running, or even trying to climb up a cliff away from you – if you can hit them, they’ll drop back down, which is a great time to introduce them to an early grave.

As a Scavenger, remember that the Body Piles do not even show up until the Hunter is able to enter the field – at which point, you have maybe a few seconds until you are possibly visited by whatever Hunter is present, though if you are lucky, they will be on the opposite side of the map from you. Grabbing some blood early, especially if you’re with a teammate so that you can double up on blood can be a nice boost, but I find that Scavengers have a high risk/reward sort of play. You can try to be super activate and gather as much blood as possible(works very well if you have a team to communicate with, as every player near a Body Pile also gets blood, so one person at a tower may get 5 blood, but if your whole team is present, you will get 5 per person, which is a whole lot better. Unfortunately this will probably only ever happen if you are playing with friends(or make some, in-game). At times, it can be better to just stay hidden. Some people are very agile and hard to hit and can use their abilities very well, to distract, hinder, or just escape from the Hunter. The longer the Hunter is distracted by one particularly slippery Scavenger, the less time that Hunter is spending doing.. well, anything that is actually useful for him/her.

Also note that any resource Scavengers can pick up, is not just a solo-resource.. whether it is ammo, power crate, blood.. not sure about health, though – but all that stuff will go to any other Scavenger that is nearby as well. So when you start, maybe don’t just run off on your own – group up with someone else, preferably more than one person if possible. A solo Scavenger is most likely a dead Scavenger, unless very sneaky.

The Hunters: The Inquisitor

I will try to make a decent arrangement of each Hunter’s weapons, perks, and general abilities. I will attempt to weigh in on what works for me personally, as well as what doesn’t, and why.

The Inquisitor

I have not yet played a ton with him, but from what I have experienced both playing as him, and against him, he is a solid starter. He also looks a bit like a Chaos Lord from Warhammer 40K mixed with Kane, the wrestler.


His unique bonuses are ‘Deny Deny Deny’ which refills 30% of his Stamina when denying a Health Crate, allowing you to actually refill your stamina on the go, so that you can almost constantly be on the move, and ‘Maximum Stamina’, giving him 10% extra max stamina.. not a huge boost, but every little bit helps.

His main ability is ‘Anti Personnel Turret’, which lets him put down two automated turrets – The ability can be upgraded to give the turrets more range, as well. From my experience, the turrets did a decent amount of damage, but not too much. The range on them can vary, of course, but I think a key use to them is correct positioning. If you put them in a poor spot, where they cannot hit much, it will be a waste. If you hide them in a bush in an open, potentially useful spot(Body Piles nearby, or Power Crates, or near a Tower), they can serve as a deterrent to the Scavengers. If you put them on a bush on the top of a cliff, you will give them a wide range, able to mow down any sneaky Scavengers in the area. Keep in mind however, that the turrets can be killed with enough shots, so it is not the end-all-be-all of defense. Turrets will also fire, I believe, at Scavenger-spawned Clones. Unsure if they fire at Cloaked people, but I imagine that they do not. The turrets also do not stay active forever, and will eventually vanish. So you can only have two out, and they won’t be there for too long.


His three weapons are the ‘Snake Bite’ assault rifle, Mauler shotgun, and Trisynkt burst-rifle.

Snake Bite

The assault rifle. A classic weapon. It feels pretty good, when firing. Relatively low recoil and bullet spread, 30 round magazine, good damage and range. Plus, the pistons on the side of it fire when you pull the trigger, which is a neat little feature. Good weapon. Upgrading it actually raises the damage by a little bit, too.


Standard shotgun, another classic weapon. Seemed to work pretty well when I was using it. Low spread, decent range for a shotgun, and okay damage. Not a bad secondary weapon if you can land the shots up close.


I personally have not bought this weapon on The Inquisitor, but he shares this weapon with The Stalker, so I have used it a bunch, just not with him. The weapon feels pretty solid in terms of damage, accuracy, and range, as least on Stalker it does. His other two weapons probably work well enough that you won’t need to get this, but if you feel like having a burst-rifle would work better for you than the shotgun or assault rifle, then by all means, use it. Can also be upgraded to decrease reload time.


So, I have not messed around too too much with The Inquisitor’s perks yet, so take this with a grain of salt, for now. He has: Auto Collect, So Close, Power Booster(Turrets), Speed Demon, Great Shape, and Hacker.

Auto Collect

Automatically collects crates. Upgrading it improves the range. Decent ability, making it so you don’t have to be as close to the crates to get them, and can probably utilize it to pick up more than one at a time, if they are close enough. One of my choices, for now.

So Close

Damaging a Scavenger delivering blood restores a portion of your stamina and ammo, which can also be upgraded for more effect. Not a bad power, but I personally feel like there are better choices.

Power Booster (Turrets)

Lowers the cooldown for the turrets. Not a bad power either, and if you are investing in the turret ability for it’s range increase, could be quite useful. They expire after a bit, or can get destroyed, so having more cooldown means you could get them back faster, and put more pressure on the Scavengers. Not one of my choices at the moment, but certainly has potential.

Speed Demon

Increases your sprint speed. I don’t really feel like it is necessary, between the normal sprint and Supercharge, with The Inquisitor’s ability to get stamina back, honestly. Possibly useful though if you’re more of a Goes Fast kind of person.

Great Shape

Improved stamina regen. Pretty much the same idea as Speed Demon, but less useful.


This one.. makes hacked crates reveal Scavengers that use them, for a longer duration. And the first tier of it is a nice +40% duration. I generally don’t bother using the ammo or time to hack crates, but with this perk, it would definitely be worth doing so, for the unlucky Scavengers that touch those crates and get revealed for long enough for you to find them and put them down. This is my second choice.

The Hunters: The Poacher

The Poacher

Ahh, the Poacher. He looks a bit like a “The Hills Have Eyes” reject, wears a trench-coat, has 5 belts around his midsection, has steel toed boots. Was probably a school shooter in another life. I digress.


His two unique bonuses are ‘Bubble Buster’, giving you 25% increased Shock range, and ‘Ammo Hoarder’, increasing your reserve ammo capacity by 75%. Both are decent bonuses, in my opinion.

His unique, and very fun ability, is Proximity Mines! Lovely little packages of explosion, just waiting to be gifted to a lonely Scavenger. When you place them down, you will be able to see a large blue bubble around its location, to show where you have a mine. The Scavengers do not see it. They can, however, hear the beeping, and clever Scavengers can sometimes find, and shoot them. To counter this, do not put them out in the open. Hide them in bushes, and in shrubs, and put them down near key things – like health crates, Body Piles, and the three Towers. You can have a maximum of 15 mines down at a time, any more than that and the oldest one is removed, not detonated. I often will put down a mine or two in random bush-clusters that I find, as the mines have a decent range, and it can surprise wayward Scavengers. two or three mines is enough to put them in critical health, I think, and if you’ve mined any nearby health crates, you may just accidentally Down someone from across the map. One up/down side to downing someone with a Mine is that they will go flying. Can be funny to see – can make it harder to figure out exactly where they went, to Execute them. A well placed mine near the bushes on the cliffsides around the map may just insta-kill someone, if they get knocked off the world.


Passam Hacksaw T24

A good ol’ fashioned LMG, for when you need a ton of bullets pointed in the enemy’s direction. I felt like it did not do a ton of damage per bullet, but I suppose that is why it has a very large magazine size of 120. Good range, and good damage if you can aim it well at fleeing, panicky Scavengers. Not terrible spread, which can even be improved upon with a perk. It’s got my vote, even if I use it more as a secondary. Upgrades increase mag size.

Jasper 67V

An automatic shotgun. It says ‘wide spread’, but it isn’t -that- bad, but it does have a lot of recoil. Upgrades reduce recoil, but eh.. I did not feel too impressed by it, and switched to the other shotgun.

Flynn SN14

The other shotgun – Narrow spread, pretty good range, and nice damage. Upgrades raise the damage even more. If you can nail some good shots, puts people down pretty quickly. I use it as a primary.



It sounds funny – having ammo restored when a scavenger ragdolls at least 5 meters.. but when you think about it, that is probably only going to be when you down them. Doesn’t feel like a very useful perk.

Extra Toppings

You get more ammo from ammo crates. Upgraded, starts to give a fair amount. One of my choices.

Bigger Clipper

Increased magazine size. Kind of felt unnecessary, but I suppose there are situations where it would help – having to reload less, because all of your ammo is already in the gun.

LMG Compensator

Reduces your max bullet spread for the LMG – If you use the LMG a lot, this one will probably be for you. I use the shotgun more than the LMG though, so I passed on it. Probably not a bad perk, though.

Power Booster (Mines)

As someone who uses mines a ton – Yes. So much yes. The perk that lowers Mine cooldown, meaning you can throw down mines to your hearts content. If you like using the mines, this perk is for you.

Stamina Freak

Gives you increased max stamina. Possibly useful if you want to do a lot of supercharging, but felt unnecessary to me, so I passed on it.

The Hunters: The Stalker

The Stalker

The Stalker. Has a big deer(?) skull for a helmet, and a ghillie suit. Has hearts-in-jars hanging from her hip. Is currently the only female Hunter, and is the face of the game. Anyone who wants to catch the Scavengers totally off guard, this Hunter is for you.


Her two unique abilities are Auto Hack, which auto-hacks crates when within interaction distance – usually you have enough time to both pick up, and auto-hack, any crate you are near – it can also auto-hack more than one crate at a time, if two or more are within interaction distance.. and the other ability is Marked Eye – which automatically reveals all game objects that are within 25 meters, letting you spot any crates nearby, in case you are looking for a specific one. Both are pretty useful, in my opinion.

Her main ability is Fade – Simply put, you go nearly invisible. Upgraded makes the invisibility last longer. If you fire your weapon, you become half-visible, but it will fade back to invisibility after a second or so. A lot of fun to use to sneak up on Scavengers and put some bullets + a quick shock into them to take them down fast, or send them into a panicked flight away from their current position – an excellent time to pull out a sniper rifle and ping them in the back. Also, you can Fade before you go to Execute someone, and you may trick other Scavengers into wasting their bolts, or into walking up to the Downed Scavenger, to try to revive them, earning you an extra kill.


Trisynkt .45C

This weapon is a burst fire rifle, firing three rounds at a time. Is shared with The Inquisitor, and is my primary weapon on Stalker. I can usually use Fade to sneak up next to a Scavenger, and put two or three bursts into them, + a Shock, and that is usually enough to put them Down. Pretty good range, low recoil, low bullet spread. Decent damage. Upgrade lowers reload time.

Core Design TTX22

Decent sniper rifle with high damage. When you reload, the mag goes flying, which I find amusing. Unlimited range. Upgrade improves rate of fire. If you’re able to aim well and nail some head shots, takes people out quickly. Situationally good, for me. If someone is standing still, or running in a straight line, or predictably – great. Otherwise, I usually just stick to the burst rifle.

Mowzer 320

I personally have not unlocked or used it, as it felt unnecessary to do so, compared to the other sniper. It says it is automatic, and effective in hip-fire. Could be good, might check it out at some later point.



Extra XP % when Downing Scavengers.. felt like any other perk would be better than this one, but hey, if you do fine and don’t need any of the other perks, then this one can net you some bonus experience.

Hey, Down There

Downed Scavengers are revealed, for a few seconds. Can be upgraded to mark them for a longer duration. This is one of my choices, as I sometimes otherwise have difficulty figuring out where the body of the person I just Downed went flying off to, so it helps. One thing to note is that if someone is Cloaked, they will not be Marked or Revealed – This applies to this perk, Drones I believe, and also during the end of the round, where everyone is getting marked. Cloak prevents it all.

Power Booster (Fade)

Much like any other Power Booster, this lowers the cooldown of the appropriate ability – in this case, Fade. Very good, if you like being hidden, constantly, all the time. Between having a longer Fade duration from upgrading that ability, and having less cooldown, you can be near-invisible most of the time. My second choice.

Lucky Charm

Gives you a chance to gain one extra Power Core from crates – and consecutive failures raise the chance for it to happen even more. Could possibly be pretty useful, if you upgraded it a bunch, and didn’t care about the benefits of the other perks. Means you’d have to hunt for less Power Crates, and would save time on that, and be able to get more Drones up in that time. But it also means more Power Crates would exist for either you or the Scavengers to take, from you taking less, overall.

Power Shock

These last two perks probably go together. This one increases the damage of the Shock ability. Starts at 10%, can be upgraded to be more. If you heavily favor using Shock, this and the next perk are probably solid choices.


This one, like above, affects Shock – this one reducing the cooldown for it. Starts at -10% cooldown.

The Scavengers: Fog & Switch


Fog has a good set of abilities and perks that I feel help him earn a place on every team of Scavengers. His two unique bonuses are Tear it Down, which gives him +50% damage towards Hunter Constructs, meaning you break drones, turrets, mines, etc, much faster than anyone else does – Pretty good. The other ability is Staying Alive, which gives you.. increased time before you Bleedout, when Downed. +50% time. Feels kinda pointless, though. You’ll either get executed before it matters, or get revived by your team before it matters, or find a health crate to revive yourself with, before it matters.

His main power is that he can shoot Smoke bomb bolts, which definitely are useful in situations. You can use them to help run interference on a Hunter, to distract him or get him off of one of your team mates or yourself. Upgrade makes the smoke last longer. His alternate power is Heal, which has its own uses that will be described on Sawbones. A tip for when you’re being chased by the Hunter, as Fog: When you shoot a smoke bomb, if you think the Hunter won’t run into it and use Shock – stay in the first smoke cloud, but shoot a second one off into the distance, 10-15 feet or so away from where you are. Make it look like you kept running. Shoot a third, even farther, if you would like. Just hope that he doesn’t come back to the first cloud. Hide yourself away in a bush. Stay out the Hunter’s line of sight.



Lets you move faster while crouched. It’s all right for some speed-sneaking, or if you’re tailing the Hunter, or chilling in some bushes and moving around a bit without running.. Probably better perks, though.

Ammo Opportunist

More bolts per ammo crate, more max ammo. It’s okay, if you want to stockpile ammo and shoot a bunch. Probably still better perks.

Fleet Feet

Gathering blood gives you a +50% movement speed boost for 5+ seconds. Lasts a short time, but can be helpful in getting away from a Hunter, or getting to the nearest Body Pile.

Heat Of The Moment

Move faster while Revealed. Eh. I suppose it would help you get away from whatever is Revealing you, maybe. Not too into this one, personally.


Delivering Blood gives you a 30-point shield for 10+ seconds. Good if you are expecting to get attacked by a Hunter while turning in Blood.

Sharing Is Caring

Gives you and all Scavengers within 15 meters bonus ammo from an Ammo Crate. Good if you’re working with at least one other person.


Switch is also a pretty good addition to the team, as her ability can be used very effectively to distract or confuse the Hunter. Her two unique bonuses are Revivalist: Revive with full health instead of 2/3 full, which is.. eh. And Lighten Your Load: delivering Blood grants a Speed boost of +50% for 50 seconds, which is pretty nice.

Her main power is Clone – Which creates a clone of her, that runs in random directions for a time, increasing as you upgrade it. The clones start out by running in the direction you fired it towards, so it may take some careful placement to be effective, but I have seen it used really well. Hilarious during Golden Crate moments.


Treasure Hunter

I really like this perk – Collecting Blood reveals all crates and blood, within a distance. Upgrading makes the distance higher, to quite a range. Great for figuring out where you want to go next.

Herd Mentality

Improved stamina regeneration, as long as you’re within 15 meters of another Scavenger. Good for if you’re sticking with someone, or a group.

Size Matters

After delivering Blood, your interaction distance is increased by 4 meters, for 10+ seconds. Not a bad perk, could help in some situations.

Evade Master

Greater stamina regeneration. It’s all right, I guess. Better perks out there. Better if you’re going solo, otherwise, just take Herd Mentality

Sudden Insight

Reveals all nearby crates/blood out to 35+ meters, when you deliver blood. Felt unnecessary to have both this and Treasure Hunter. Whichever one works better for you.

Toil Together

The speed of blood gathering is increased for all Scavengers, when within 15 meters of them. Probably works pretty well when you have a good team who can stick together.

The Scavengers: Sawbones, Ghost, and Inked


If you have a very good Sawbones on your team, then no one will ever die. Not only can her ‘Heal’ bolts provide healing for wounded Scavengers, they can also be used on a Downed Scavenger to revive them, provided they are not already being executed. So many times I have had an Execution stolen away from me because I got to them just a moment too late. A very good power. Sawbones two unique bonuses are Quick Rescue which gives +50% rescuing speed for a Downed Scavenger, which is.. almost pointless, considering what her bolts do, but I guess if you run out of them, or don’t have to use them, there you go.. The other one is Sprinter, which gives a slight increase to sprint speed. It is okay.


Heal Faster

When wounded, start regenerating health sooner. Not terrible, but there are probably better perks to take.

Under Foot

Reduced damage when hit by the Hunter’s Shock ability – Not bad, especially if you want to try tanking, between using your heal ability, evading bullets, and baiting Shock. Could be the difference between life and death.


Delivering blood grants increased stamina regeneration for 5+ seconds. Better perks than this out there.

Security Blanket

Delivering blood gives a damage reduction to all Scavengers within 15 meters of you, for a bit. Upgrading it gives increased damage reduction, effective range, and time it lasts, so this could theoretically be good if you expected to get attacked while turning in blood.

Friends For Life

When near(15 meters) other Scavengers, you regenerate health with less delay, and at a faster rate. I imagine between this perk and the Heal Faster perk, you could have some pretty quick health regen. Might actually be worth it. I dunno.


Gathering blood gives increased radius to your power – starts at +150% radius, and 5 seconds, upgrading raises both. Seems like it has potential to be decent.. But if you can aim well, and don’t need the extra radius, you would be okay with taking something else.


Ghost.. Ghost ghost ghost. Between Ghost and Sawbones, there is a lot of utility. I wasn’t super impressed with most of his perks, but his main ability is incredibly useful. Active Camo bolts. In the area of effect of the bolt, all Scavengers hit become invisible for a few seconds, which can be upgraded to last longer. A few seconds of invisibility is all you need to be able to get away from the Hunter. However, keep in mind that you will still cause little dust clouds from your footsteps, so you can still sort of be tracked. Also, his Active Camo otherwise removes any sort of tracking – whether you were spotted by a drone, hit a hacked crate, or are in the final stages of the round. It’s super useful. His two unique bonuses are Crawler, when downed, your camera is further away, crates are marked, and you crawl faster.. It’s all right, could save you.. And.. Full Start: all Scavengers start with more bolts. Which means less ammo has to be grabbed in the beginning. Decent.


Ocular Implants

Lets you see Objectives from further away. I thought this was pretty useful sounding, so I use it. might just be placebo, though.


Reduces spread with your shots.. honestly never felt like I really suffered much spread, so. I feel like this is kind of a pointless perk.


Gathering Blood gives you and all nearby Scavengers(15 meters) immunity to Hacked crates for 5+ seconds. I honestly never really encountered hacked crates that often, so I passed on this one. Besides, it would -probably- wear off before the Hunter found you, and if not, just cloak-shot yourself and you’ll disappear from their vision.

Lucky Charm

Gives you a chance to gain additional blood from Body Piles. Failing raises the chance, until it succeeds. I liked the sound of this, getting more blood, more quickly, and being able to turn it in sooner – So I took this one.

Zero Cool

Less time revealed by Hacked Crates. Eh. Also felt unnecessary, can just cloak-shot yourself, or not worry about it. Passed.

Rich Get Richer

Turning in Blood, you get unlimited regular bolts for 5+ seconds. I dunno, I never felt like I had ammo issues with regular bolts, or would be in some situation where I would need unlimited regular bolts for a few seconds.. Passed on this one, too.


Unfortunately, I have not yet acquired Inked, nor have I seen very much of her in general. The shield power seems -okay-, but a lot of the other ones seem to just work better, in their specific situations. May add more to this in the future.

The Bottom

You did it! You reached the bottom of this little, albeit wordy, guide. I appreciate you taking the time to go through and read it, or just for opening it and scrolling to the bottom, whichever. Once again, a lot of the information present I got from the game itself, and added my thoughts or opinions from personal experience. I am not claiming to be an expert on any of it, may be wrong about some stuff, may just play differently from other people. But I hope that in sharing what I did, that people were helped, or at least amused.

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