American Fugitive – Off to a Flyer Achievement Checklist

For the achievement “Off To A Flyer” you will need to find 15 business flyers in-game across the 3 cities that correspond to the various businesses in the game world. I created this list as a way to help those trying to get this achievement compare what flyers they have so that they know what flyers they need to look for. You can find different flyers in various houses that you break into as well as various businesses that you knock over for cash/stashes/items. As you collect these flyers, they will be saved in your Journal to track and compare which ones you don’t have for the achievement.

I hope this checklist helps you in seeking out whichever flyers are giving you a tough time, and good luck in your American Fugitive career!


  • 01) Diner Flyer (Lisa’s Diner)
  • 02) Body Shop Flyer (Fix&Spray)
  • 03) Donut Store Flyer (Donuts Donuts Donuts)
  • 04) Art Dealer Flyer (Chester Roberts)
  • 05) Cafe Flyer (Jumpin Beanz Coffee)
  • 06) Gas Station Flyer (Go-Gas)
  • 07) Pawn Shop Flyer (Reese Pawn)
  • 08) Bar Flyer (The Rock Face)
  • 09) Car Lot Flyer (Billy Joe’s Used Autos)
  • 10) Clothing Store Flyer (Betty’s Boutique)
  • 11) Pharmacy Flyer (Welorite Pharmacy)
  • 12) Outdoor Store Flyer (Endtimes Supplies)
  • 13) Salvage Yard Flyer (Dwayne’s Salvage)
  • 14) Gun Store Flyer (County Guns)
  • 15) General Store Flyer (Hagler’s General Store)
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