Don’t Starve Together – How to Play: Wigfrid

First of all, I’m not a pro at this game and I only have 91 hours (currently), but I decided I should make this for players who are just starting and don’t know much about Wigfrid. I will be going over all the seasons and the location your base should be at, along with the stats of Wigfrid and extra things she comes with.

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Starting the World and Stats for Wigfrid


  • Health: 200
  • Hunger: 120
  • Sanity: 120

  • Wigfrid can only eat meat.
  • Wigfrid gets healed and gets sanity when fighting enemies.
  • Wigfrid spawns with and can craft her own spear and helmet.

Starting Out

When you first get into the world, if you haven’t played Wigfrid a lot, the first thing you will probably do is collect the resources you are instantly introduced to which are twigs, grass, flint, berries, and seeds. You do not need berries or seeds. Berries because of only eating meat and seeds because farming is useless as Wigfrid. In the first few days it might be hard starting with only 4 meat and being used to picking berries or using other easy food sources instead of hunting your food. I recommend finding multiple ponds that are close to each other. These ponds will spawn frogs that are easy to kill and although frog legs may give little amount of hunger, they are good if you have nothing else. It would also be good to do most or even every hunt you find to be prepared, because although you may have a lot of meat, it gets eaten up fast and you don’t even notice. But do not try to fight a varg or ewecus until you are prepared.

Autumn (Starting Season)

Autumn is the best season because you are just starting out and nothing special will happen. This season is the best for hunting and for getting items that could be useful later or for other seasons. For this season, like I said earlier it, would be best to start a base near some frog ponds which will let you hunt frogs for easy food and good fishing spots for the evening when frogs don’t spawn. If you are just placing your base somewhere for the best place Wigfrid can be used and not to prepare for other events like the Mactusks in winter, then you can make you base in any biome near the frog ponds.


Winter is probably the hardest season for Wigfrid and in general. Winter is hard because as Wigfrid you need to hunt a lot. Which its hard to leave your base when you can easily get cold along with the frog ponds being frozen during winter, meaning your easy source of frogs as food won’t spawn. For winter, you can stay at the base you used for Autumn but you should plant your basic resources like twigs and grass so you have easy access to resources around you if you run out of something or need more. During winter the ways you should hunt are by killing beefalo or going on hunts. Without the frogs and fishing you can’t really hunt anything else for meat.


Spring is another hard season, and thats because of the constant raining. When its spring, you should find a base spot away from the frog ponds because frogs constantly spawn in this season and can easily kill you. The best place to make a base in spring is probably near beefalos to hunt or another animal that drops meat like volt goats. But if you aren’t good at fighting either of those another option is to find a lot of mole burrows near each other to bait moles and kill them.


Summer is probably going to be the easiest besides Autumn. For summer, you should move to the oasis in the desert because you have an easy source of food of fish from the oasis. Also, you will want to get lots of silk before the summer because if you move to the oasis you will probably be doing lots of fishing. Hopefully when fishing in the oasis you get the fashion and desert goggle blueprints to be able to see during dust storms in the desert. Also, since you are Wigfrid you may be able to kill the Antlion easily compared to other characters. Of course you don’t need to but if you don’t want to constantly make tributes to the Antlion, it may just be easier to kill it.


This is not everything about Wigfrid and these may not be the best spots for the seasons, but if you are just starting to play Wigfrid then this is pretty good information for someone who doesn’t know much about her.

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