Hell Let Loose – How to Officer (Basics)

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How to Officer

These are the basics of being an officer to assist the community in making teamwork and communication a cornerstone of the game.

Use your rally points, place them in smart areas around the objectives. Update them regularly, do not let the enemy near them. This is what your SMG is for!

Smoke your squad advances across deadly terrain.

Find a good position, use your BINOCULARS, and mark TARGETS for your squad. Don’t fight on the front line too much, you are a SUPPORT ROLE. If you die and your rally disappears, your team will have to spend valuable time hiking back into position. You want to STAY ALIVE so that your team can get back into the action quickly. Do not depend on garrisons for spawns, they are a last resort.

Mange your squad. If you need a medic, ask someone to volunteer. If you need anti-tank, engineers, MGs, support, same thing. Most people will comply with your requests.

Don’t wander around the battlefield aimlessly looking for enemies, I see this all the time and it’s a huge *facepalm*

I like to mark enemy infantry with ‘observe’ marks. Remember to remove them if there is no more hostiles there. Do not spam marks, be smart about them so that you don’t overwhelm your squad with commands. I try to only have one mark at a time active, maybe two maximum.

Hold X to coordinate with fellow officers and your commander. You want to attack from multiple angles as a team.

Do not overextend! Attack the objective or defend the previous objective. IMO you should leave the behind enemy lines action to the recon squads but this is up for debate.

Friendly banter is always good and keeps morale up. Be courteous and respectful. I like to tell my squad there is double rations of cigarettes and booze if they capture the objective.

Noob Van Noob : “Don’t forget you can lay down garrisons. i see squad leaders running past supply boxes all the time in places where a garrison could massively help the team.”

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