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» » Octopath Traveler - Lone Traveler Achievement

Octopath Traveler - Lone Traveler Achievement

By marcv666   /   Jun 13, 2019     Guides
Octopath Traveler - Lone Traveler Achievement

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Lone Traveler Achievement

I just completed the Lone Traveler achievement, you'll gain that achievement by completing the 4 acts of a character and you're not allowed to band with any other main character, so your doing it solo. Not everything will be explained in details, it is assumed it's not your first playthrough of the game. I'll share with you some of the strategies I used during my run.

  • I started with Tressa because she is versatile, she can hit with Spear, Bow and Wind damage. She can heal both her HP and MP with the Rest ability which is great if you don't want to rely too much on items. She's the best to farm gold which will speed up things a lot. And she can buy a lot of items from NPC which you'll want to get your hands on as many nuts there is out there to be bought to boost your stats.

  • Once chapter 1 is done, my first priority was to get the Scholar job. Analyse is pretty good to reveal each monsters weakness but the most important thing early on is the Evasive Maneuvers support ability to be able to move through stronger zones in which you don't want to fight. With Evasive Maneuvers you can easily get all the other jobs even at very low level, which you should do as your priority. To further enhance your mobility into high end zone, get the Evil Ward's support (3rd support from Cleric). With those 2 passives you can move to any zones and towns and be able to visit all the shop in the game.

  • As soon as you have access to some decent shop it's time to farm money. Best place for me was the Marsalim Catacombs. You just run with Evasive maneuvers to the boss, decline the fight and run back to the entrance, don't engage in any fight here you'll get destroyed. Just do the run and exit the zone and Tressa will find money. I do 5700$ every run and it's super fast, at least compared to any other means of farming gold I know of. Just repeat the run for as much money you need to buy yourself all the best gear in the realm. I don't remember where every equipment is but visit every town anyway as you'll want to buy all the nuts available on those NPCs.

Here is what I used during this run.


  • Rune Glaive (for it's staggering +363 Elem. Atk).


  • Yeti's Longbow (when farming money or just running around).
  • Forbidden bow (when farming EXP/AP, its increase chance at fighting enemy is awesome, buy at Goldshore with Tressa ability).

Staff: (Because the scholar job is awesome at dealing damage with it's double hit AOE).

  • Wizard's Rod.


  • Forbidden Shield.


  • Oasis Hat (good in both physical and elemental defense).


  • Sorcerer's Robe (one of the few armor with +Elem. Atk).

Accessory 1:

  • Elemental Augmentor (awesome +100 Elem. Atk).

Accessory 2:

  • Protective Necklace (+80 resist both physical and elemental).

Once you have good gear, it's time to start your EXP/AP grinding. Like I mentioned above I used the scholar job and I do most of the damage with it's spells. When in need of HP/MP the Rest ability from the Merchant is pretty good. To speed things up you should try to aquire these passive first:

  • Second Wind (3rd passive from Dancer): Recover SP each turn (I think it's 5% round up).
  • SP Saver (4th passive from Merchant): Halves SP consumption.
  • Vim and Vigor (4th passive from Scholar): Regen HP each turn (I think it's 10%).
  • Resist Ailments (3rd passive from Apothecary): Improve resist to many bad status. (many zone are dangerous without that).

You'll want to fight in zones you are comfortable with your level and your progression but at some point you may want to consider fighting in those 2 places as it was pretty fast and rewarding with this setup above:

  • Tomb of Kings (level 25 zone) (you probably won't have all your passive at this point but it was my best place to start unlocking those).
  • Southern Wellspring Sands (level 35 zone).

Needless to say that the more level you grind the easiest it is against your favorite boss.

The first 3 boss were pretty easy I will only include my strategy against the final boss Esmeralda: She does physical damage and she hit hard no matter your level. So equip yourself with the best gear having in mind your physical protection, even the accessories I used Protective Necklace and Protective Bracelet. I did it with Apothecary job because it's the best single healing class with "First Aid" and it's native HP boost just equiping the job is pretty nice. I used those passive cause they are great against her:

  • Saving Grace (to heal above your max HP, yes she hit hard we need a lot of HP).
  • Hale and Hearty (again we need as much HP as we can).
  • Eye for an Eye (Counter-attacking is very useful as you'll be mostly only healing during the fight, this will be your main resource for breaking her defense, thanks to her multi-hit attacks).
  • Patience (Having a chance to act at the end of the turn to heal yourself is very good here cause when you act first in a turn and last on the next turn, then the boss sometimes deals too much damage in those 2 turns without having any chance to heal in between).

When you fight her, be sure to have the right weapon in hand so it counters with the appropriate weapon, she starts weak to polearms and later weak to bow after the first time you break her, she'll switch back to polearms for good after that or at least I usually kills her on her 4th break if I remember right. Basically you heal yourself every turn you're not above max HP otherwise you can attack her to break her defense. Once she is stagger you can unleash your "Veteran Soldier" (Hired help) and use all available boost point. I was pretty high level (with over 7000 HP), so it wasn't too difficult but even with that much HP she can sometimes beat you if you are unlucky. If you're low level then you'll probably have to be more careful than I with your HP.

Good luck to all of you, hope this helps.

Edit: As a side note I over-leveled for this achievement but I did retry the boss having in mind to be more careful about my HP and I killed her on my first attempt and during the fight my HP never got lower than 3500 HP one time and she down me several time to around 4500 HP. So with that in mind i'm pretty sure it would be safe to use this guide with 3500 HP or more, and if your healing is not as powerful as mine because of the level difference, you could consider using the "Heightened Healing" passive instead of "Hale and Hearty".
Written by marcv666.