OVERHIT – Beginner’s Guide (Tips and Tricks)


Item Inventory

Stores a variety of items, such as upgrade materials, Tablets, Grimoire equipment crafting material, skill stones, etc.

Misc. items do not take up space in the inventory.
Tap an item to view its name and description.

Unnecessary items can be sold. You can view the acquisition location info for some items.

Hero Grades

Main Indicator of a Hero’s Value

Hero grades are the main indicator of a hero’s value. The grades are N, R, SR, SSR, and UR.

Higher-grade heroes are difficult to obtain, but they’re more powerful than lower-grade heroes.

Heroes with a grade of SR or higher can become even more powerful with abilities and exclusive Grimoire equipment.


Types of Heroes / Monsters

All heroes and monsters in game have a unique “type.”

Determine advantages and disadvantages in battle by type.

Main Types and Sub-Types

All heroes have 1 main type. UR grade heroes have 1 additional sub-type.

As UR grade heroes have 2 types, they are far better at creating advantages in battle.

Hero Skills

Active Skills

Heroes have 2 active skills. These skills can be used to attack enemies, heal allies, or cast buffs and debuffs.

Skills that deal Additional Damage can be used to deal even greater damage by studying their requirements and linking them to other skills.

Skill levels can only be raised on SR grade or higher heroes who have had their level caps raised. Skill stones are used as material.

OVERHIT - Beginner's Guide (Tips and Tricks)

Leader Skills

Heroes that are SR grade or higher have leader skills.

Leader skill effects are applied to allies assembled on the team when the hero is set as the leader.

Overhit Skills

Certain heroes have Overhit skills, which can be used when you are assembled into a team with certain other heroes.

Hero Retirement

Acquire Skill Stones and Arn via Hero Retirement

You can acquire Arn by retiring N – R grade heroes.
When you retire heroes that are SR grade or higher, you can acquire the skill stones used to fortify skills for heroes of the relevant grade, and soul stone, a material for crafting heroes.
When you retire growth material heroes that are SR grade or higher, you will acquire Arn instead of skill stones.

How to Retire Heroes

Select the hero you wish to retire.

Tap the Retire button.

Tap the Okay button to complete retirement!

How to Retire Multiple Heroes

Select the Retire Multiple button.

Select the heroes you wish to retire, then tap the Retire button to complete the retirement of multiple heroes!

Hero Abilities

OVERHIT - Beginner's Guide (Tips and Tricks)

Activate abilities to increase character stats.

Essence is required to activate abilities, and Tablets are required for special abilities.

How to Activate Abilities

Tap the Abilities button.

From here you can view inactive abilities for relevant heroes.

Select the abilities in the order you wish to activate them, then tap the Activation button.

Activated abilities will start shining as the relevant hero’s stats increase.

Hero Soulstone

Soulstones are material items that can be used to help acquire specific heroes through crafting.

Soulstones only exist for heroes that are SSR grade or higher. Some heroes may not have Soulstones

Hero Soulstones Acquisition

Soulstones can can be specially acquired via the Dimension Gate, shop, and Soulstonen Shop.

When you clear a certain hero’s dungeon at the Dimension Gate, there’s a chance to obtain Soulstone for that hero.

D-Gems can be used at the Hero Fragment Shop to acquire 1 Soulstone

Using Hero Soulstones

Soul Fragments you’ve acquired can be used when crafting heroes.

Hero Reviews

Tap the Hero Review menu on the left of Hero Info to go to the Review screen.

You can see reviews from other users, and the overall score for the selected hero, on the Review screen.

Write a Hero Review

Tap the Leave Review button at the bottom right to display a pop-up like the one shown above. You can leave a star review along with detailed comments.

Recommending and Deleting Reviews

You can only recommend up to 5 reviews for each hero. The same review cannot be recommended more than once.
Reviews you have written yourself are indicated with an X on the right as shown above.
These can be deleted if you want to revise and write them again, or if you want to remove them.

Link Info

View Heroes Linked to Others and Acquire Additional Effects

OVERHIT - Beginner's Guide (Tips and Tricks)

In Link Info, you can see if you own heroes linked to the relevant hero. You can also see the link effects and Overhit skill info.

If you own all the heroes that are linked together, a link effect is applied.

Link Effects and Overhit Skills

If you own all the heroes that are linked, a link effect is applied.
Link effects permanently raise the stats of the whole team.
In the case of some links, Overhit skills become available.
Overhit skills are available when all heroes that are linked are included in the team assembly.


Equipment refers to items that can be equipped to heroes. You can equip heroes with these items to make them even stronger.

Equipment Categories

There are 3 types of standard equipment: weapons, armor, and accessories. Equipment falls into a particular slot depending on the kind of equipment it is.

Equipping Items

Items can be equipped via the equipment slot in the Hero Info window.

You can tap the equipment slot at the bottom right of the Hero Info window to display a list of equipment in possession.

You can select what to equip from the list of equipment you currently possess.

Unequipping and Changing Equipment

You can select a slot equipped with a piece of equipment to unequip or change the equipment.

Select a slot equipped with a piece of equipment to load its info along with a list of equipment in your possession.

Tap the Unequip button at the bottom of the Details window to unequip the current item. You can select equipment from the list on the right to change equipment.

Equipment Types

Equipment Category by Type

Equipment is divided into 2 types: standard equipment and “type” equipment.

Equipment marked by a type icon can only be equipped to heroes of the indicated type, but they have higher stats compared to standard equipment.

Dual-Type Equipment

Dual-type equipment is equipment that has 2 types.

It is marked with 2 type icons, and like other pieces of type equipment it can only be equipped to heroes of the indicated types.

Configuring Equipment Stats

Equipment Options

Equipment has 2 unique options and up to 3 random options.

All equipment has 2 unique options by default: a main option and a sub-option.
Also, you can have from 0 to 3 additional, random options depending on the equipment grade.
The main option is displayed at the top of the item’s option info.
The sub-option is listed second, beneath the main option in the item option info.

Up to 3 random options are displayed beneath the main and sub-options.

Weapon Options

Weapon options increase the amount of damage dealt to your opponent.

Armor Options

Armor options improve your chances of survival against damage inflicted by enemy attacks.

Accessory Options

Accessory options increase the user’s HP. Accessories are have effects that support attack and defense.

Equipment Fortification

You can consume the same kind of equipment to fortify the selected equipment and increase its level.
When leveling equipment, you raise its main option stats.

How to Fortify Equipment

Select the Equipment Fortification button in the Details window to increase the level of the selected equipment.

Items to be used as fortification materials can be selected from the equipment list on the right. The same kind of equipment can be used as material regardless of level and grade.

Selecting the material equipment adds it to the material list at the bottom left. You can view the EXP increase from adding the material in the Fortify window.

For type equipment, additional EXP can be acquired when equipment of the same type is used.

After registering all fortification materials, select the Fortify button to finish.

When fortification is complete, you can view the equipment’s increased levels and stats on the Fortification Results screen.

Raising Equipment Level Caps

Identical equipment can be used to raise the level cap of equipment.
Raising the equipment’s level cap increases its max level.
When the equipment’s level cap is raised, the equipment’s max level and sub-option stats can be increased.

How to Raise Equipment Level Caps

Select the Raise Level Cap button in the Details window to proceed to raise the item’s level cap.

Identical equipment can be used as a material for raising the level cap regardless of level, thereby increasing the selected equipment’s max level.

After registering materials, select the Raise Level Cap button to finish raising the level cap.

Items used as materials to raise a level cap are consumed.

The final max level increase and stats can be viewed on the Raise Level Cap Results screen.
The Max level increases by 5 each time the level cap is raised, and a single piece of equipment can have it’s level cap raised up to 5 times.

Equipment Synthesis

You can consume 4 pieces of identical equipment that have reached the max level to acquire a piece of equipment that is one grade higher.

You can utilize equipment synthesis to acquire items of an even higher grade and fortify your heroes.

Acquiring Random Equipment via Synthesis

Higher-grade equipment acquired through synthesis is determined randomly by items of the same kind.

For type equipment, there’s a chance you may acquire equipment of a different type from the one used in synthesis, or even regular equipment without a type.

How to Synthesize Equipment

Select the Synthesis button at the bottom of the inventory item list to proceed with synthesizing.

Select the equipment to use for synthesis from the list of synthesizable items on the right to proceed.

When you register equipment to use for synthesis, only equipment that can be used as synthesis material will be shown in the equipment list. You can register items to use as material here.

After registering all 4 synthesis materials, the Synthesis button is activated. Tap the Synthesis button to finish synthesizing.

After synthesizing, the acquired item can be viewed on the Synthesis Results screen.


Join a guild to receive guild login rewards and guild skill effects.

How to Join a Guild

Tap the Guild icon in the menu to view a list of guilds you can join, as shown above.
Tap the “Entry Request” button found to the right of your desired guild. Once the guild master approves the request, you are admitted into the guild.

Some guilds can be joined immediately without an approval process.

How to Create a Guild

Tap the Create Guild button to display a pop-up like the one shown above.
After deciding on a guild name, select your desired emblem and emblem color. Anyone can create a guild for 100,000 Arn.

Guild Skills

Guild masters can upgrade skills from the Guild Skills menu.
Skills can be upgraded based on the number of Skill Points available.
It costs 100 D-Gems to reset a skill’s level.


  • You can find friends you’ve made in the Friend List.
  • Guild masters can send guild invitations and messages.
  • You can take a friend’s representative hero with you in the Campaign.
  • You can easily add friends by going to the Add Friend menu and viewing the list of recommended friends.
  • You can also add friends by searching for them.
  • When you attempt to add a friend, a notification and log of the request is sent to the recipient.
  • Once accepted, the friend is shown in the Friend List.


Missions provide specific tasks for you to complete based on the game’s content.

You can obtain rewards for completing daily, weekly, monthly, and achievement missions.

Daily Missions

Complete daily missions to obtain daily items and D-Gems.

Weekly Missions

Complete weekly missions to obtain weekly items and D-Gems.

Monthly Missions

Complete monthly missions to obtain monthly items and D-Gems.

Achievement Missions

Complete achievement missions to obtain items and D-Gems for each achievement level.


Use materials obtained to craft heroes, items, skill stones, etc.
Crafting materials can be obtained from various gameplay areas, so try gathering materials and crafting something.

How to Craft

Select the desired crafting category.

Select the desired crafting category.

Proceed with crafting to obtain crafting results.


Shops are where you can obtain a variety of items.

AP Shop

Purchase AP and Arn from the AP Shop.

Soulstone Shop

Purchase SSR Soulstone from the Soulstone Shop.

Development Shop

Use Gems to purchase Fire, Wind, Dark, Water, Light Elixir to upgrade your heroes.

Friend Points Shop

Use Friend Points to purchase AP and Arn from the Friend Points Shop.

D-Gem Shop

Use real world money to purchase D-Gems in the D-Gem Shop.

You can use [D-Gem Bonus Coupons] to get bonus D-Gems at the D-Gem Shop.

D-Gem Bonus Coupons

Use D-Gem Bonus Coupons when purchasing D-Gems to obtain additional D-Gems equal to the % indicated on the coupon.

You can view a list of all of your coupons by tapping the button at the top left of the D-Gem Shop.

If you have coupons, you can select and apply one from the D-Gem Purchase window. Bonus D-Gems obtained through coupons are sent to your mailbox.

Gacha Shop

OVERHIT - Beginner's Guide (Tips and Tricks)

Obtain heroes and equipment through Gacha in the Gacha Shop.

Here you can find Premium Gacha, Legendary Gacha, and Equipment Gacha. Use D-Gems to purchase Premium Gacha and Equipment Gacha, and World Shards for Legendary Gacha. You can earn Mileage by purchasing Gacha.

Get bonuses by earning Mileage for each type of Gacha separately.

Premium Gacha

Obtain heroes through Premium Gacha.

OVERHIT - Beginner's Guide (Tips and Tricks)

Legendary Gacha

OVERHIT - Beginner's Guide (Tips and Tricks)

Obtain SSR heroes and SSR+ heroes through Legendary Gacha.

Gacha Bonus Rewards

Bonus rewards are given according to your total Mileage, so do your best to earn more Mileage!
Once all Mileage rewards have been received, Mileage resets and you can obtain them again.

Repeat Battle

Repeat Battle becomes available when all the star requirements of a Campaign stage are met.

Repeat Battle allows you to repeatedly clear stages automatically.

Repeat Battle Status Info

Tap the Magnifying Glass while a Repeat Battle is in progress to open a pop-up that shows your status.

The EXP info, Repeat Battle count, amount of AP used, Hero List, and available inventory space of heroes on the team are shown here.

On the right you’ll find info regarding Arn, acquired items, and heroes.

Repeat Battle Exit Conditions

Repeat Battle has conditions that allow it to stop without having to end it manually.

Repeat Battle ends automatically when all AP has been used, the Hero List or inventory is full, or upon losing a battle. Then the Repeat Battle pop-up will be displayed.


Send Heroes on Treks to Acquire Rewards after a Set Period of Time

A Trek allows you to assemble up to 5 characters into a team and send them out to acquire rewards after a set period of time.

Send heroes that match the conditions of each Trek site. After a set period of time has passed, you’ll receive rewards.

The number of Trek sites and Treks that can be performed at once increases according to account level.

Trek Rewards

Items such as upgrade material, Essence, D-Gems, etc, can be obtained at Trek sites. The available rewards and completion time differs by each Trek site.

Heroes in Combat Can Be Sent on Treks

Heroes being used in other content can be sent on a Trek if they meet the Trek site conditions.

Dimension Gate

The Dimension Gate is a dungeon where Soul Fragments for the designated hero of each stage can be acquired.

There’s a chance to acquire additional SSR – UR hero Soul Fragments and hero upgrade materials.

3 Dimension Keys are provided per day for the Dimension Gate. The dungeon can be played using 1 Dimension Key.

Each dungeon is composed of 4 difficulty levels: normal, elite, expert, and master. The higher the difficulty, the more rewards you’ll acquire.

Terra Shift

Terra Shift is composed of 3 dungeons. Each dungeon is unique, and there are a variety of rewards available.

Each dungeon can be played 2 times per day, and is divided into 4 difficulty levels: normal, elite, expert, and master.

The higher the difficulty, the more rewards you’ll receive. D-Gems can be used to play up to 2 more times.

Merchant’s Treasury

The Merchant’s Treasury is a dungeon where you can earn vast quantities of Arn.

Mystic’s Warehouse

The Mystic’s Warehouse is a dungeon where hero upgrade materials can be found. There are 5 types of upgrade materials that can be acquired randomly.

Warrior’s Armory

The Warrior’s Armory is a dungeon where you can obtain fortification equipment. Materials for equipment fortification can be found here.

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