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Grimoire Equipment

Grimoire equipment is unique equipment that can only be equipped to SR – UR heroes.

In addition to the default equipment role, Grimoire equipment can be applied with special effects via Grimoire skills.

How to Acquire Grimoire Equipment

Materials for crafting Grimoire equipment can be acquired by progressing through the Untamed Sanctum.

Collect the acquired materials to craft Grimoire equipment. Grimoire equipment is acquired at a low rate.

Materials used to craft Grimoires can also be purchased at the Untamed Sanctum Shop.

False Grimoire Equipment

False Grimoire equipment has the same default stats and Grimoire skill effects as standard Grimoire equipment. Unlike Grimoire equipment, however, False Grimoire equipment can only be upgraded so far, since their grade cannot be raised through enchantment.

Crafting False Grimoire Equipment

Like Grimoire equipment, False Grimoire equipment can be obtained via crafting. Crafting materials can be obtained via Equipment Summon Tickets and the Untamed Sanctum Shop.

How to Craft Grimoire Equipment

Select Crafting from the menu to go to the Crafting screen.

From the Crafting screen, select a piece of standard Grimoire or False Grimoire equipment from the Grimoire tab to proceed with crafting.

Grimoire Equipment Fortification

Grimoire equipment levels can be raised via fortification.

While standard equipment uses the same type of equipment for fortification, Grimoire equipment uses Untamed Sand.

Besides fortifying Grimoire equipment, Untamed Sand can also be used as currency at the Untamed Sanctum Shop.

How to Fortify Grimoire Equipment

Tap the Equipment Fortification button in the Details window to fortify Grimoire equipment.

Set the amount of Untamed Sand used to fortify Grimoire equipment from the Fortification screen. The Grimoire’s level will increase depending on the amount used.

After setting the amount of Untamed Sand to be used, tap the Fortify button to fortify the Grimoire equipment.

When fortification is complete, increased levels and stats can be found on the Fortification Results screen.

Grimoire Equipment Enchantment

Grimoire equipment that has reached max level can be enchanted. Enchanting can be used to increase the equipment’s grade and Grimoire skill level.

Only standard Grimoire equipment can be enchanted. False Grimoire equipment cannot.

The piece of Grimoire equipment’s level is reset, and its max level is increased according to its grade.

Enchant items that match the equipment’s grade are used to enchant Grimoire equipment.

How to Enchant Grimoire Equipment

When Grimoire equipment reaches max level, the Equipment Fortification button in the Details window changes to an Enchant button.

Tap the Enchant button in the Details window to enchant equipment.

On the Enchant screen, enchant items that match the Grimoire equipment’s grade are used for enchantment.

Grimoire enchantment consumes materials that match the grade of the equipment being enchanted.

Increased grades, stats, Grimoire skill levels, etc., can be viewed on the Enchantment Results screen.

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