RAGE 2 – Fast Money

There is an fast and a fun Method to get as much money as you like.

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First Method

  • Play Mutant Bash TV. I prefer the Meat grinder, because it’s the most fun. I select “Absolute Explosion”, because its fun and fast.
  • Buy all ammo types. It’s advantages if you have unlocked all weapons, so you can buy all ammo types.
  • Fast travel to a trading center. Yes, you can fast travel in this game, if you hoover over a location and press F
    (only works if you are outside).
  • Sell all your ammo.
  • Repeat!
  • If you bought all ammo from 1 Mutant Bash TV, buy the ammo from the swamp MBTV.

Second Method

  • Steal cars near a trading center.
  • Unlock a perk to get double of the cash.
  • Repeat!

I recommend wellspring and then go to the gas station, thats by far the fastest way.

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