Quake Champions – Godlike, Unstoppable and Dominating Achievements Guide

This guide mainly shows how to get Godlike achievement but in this way you can also earn Unstoppable and Dominating achievements too!


Achievements Description:

Earn 50 Rage medals

Earn 10 Frenzy medals

Earn 5 Rampage medals

Medals Description:

Rage medal
Kill 10 enemies without dying

Frenzy medal
Kill 20 enemies without dying

Rampage medal
Kill 30 enemies without dying

Main Info

I found out a good and relatively easy way to obtain Godlike achievement. In this way you can also unlock Unstoppable and Dominating but it will take more time and attempts.

You need to start a game versus bots on Capture the Flag on Citadel map by selecting Practice (Play Humans vs Bots) > Capture The Flag. I think it’s easier to unlock this achievements playing with bots, instead of public games with humans but on the other hand sometimes bots are really annoying and unpredictable. 30 kills without dying isn’t maybe easy thing to do even playing versus bots but it’s possible 🙂

When a match start, quickly loot all weapons and armor you need (i mostly used lightning gun and super shotgun) and try to stay in your base, defending your own flag and killing every enemy that come to steal it. Bots should come from main jump pad but in rare situations they can use second one, so keep an eye on it. Play carefully and try don’t rush too much, because bots sometimes can easily kill you in open area. You can also try run for Quad Damage/Protection near your base, when it spawn and maybe rush a little when you have it. On the end of match you should had around 40-50 kills or maybe even more.

When you get 5 Rampage medals you can start doing Frenzy and Rage medals. In one match you can obtain 2 Frenzy medals, just get 20 kills, then die, and then start doing next 20 kills.

This is place where I tried to stood for most of time and from where most enemies came:

Quake Champions - Godlike, Unstoppable and Dominating Achievements Guide

Additional Info

  • I recommend playing Strogg & Peeker (because you can pick up health from enemies you kill) or maybe B.J. Blazkowicz. If you don’t have this characters you can choose anyone you like to play.
  • You don’t need to kill 30 enemies in one round, you can end first round with around 20-25 kills and continue on next round, it will still count for medal (as you can see on my video in 08:45, when first round ended i had 26 kills and i got Rampage medal in second round at 10:45)
  • Try to play alone versus bots, without any other players, because they can steal your frags and make it a bit harder.
  • This can happen rarely but sometimes even when you are camping in your base, when 3-4 enemy bots rush for your flag, they can kill you.
  • I’m also not sure about bots difficulty but i think is a bit random with every game or i am wrong.
  • In this way you can also earn some of God kills medals, like Lightning Gun God, Shotgun God, etc.
  • For me Citadel was best map but if you want, you can try play on others 🙂

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