OVERHIT – Skills Guide


Powerful Effects Based on Hero Attributes

  • There are skills with high ATK that strike multiple enemies, buff skills that provide support to allies in battle, and debuff skills that interfere with enemy attacks.
  • Use the right skills at the right time to sway the tide of battle in your favor.
  • Heroes have 2 skills. A cooldown is applied when a skill is used.

Using and Presetting Skills

  • Tap the icon beneath the hero portrait to activate a skill.
  • A cooldown is applied to a skill when used. The skill cannot be used again until the cooldown is over.
  • Also, a global cooldown that prevents the usage of all skills is applied immediately after a skill is used.
  • The next skill cannot be used until the global cooldown is over.
  • You can preset a skill to activate after the global cooldown has ended.
  • Preset skills activate immediately when the global cooldown ends.
  • You can preset up to 3 skills.

Chain Skills

  • Chain skills can be used when enemies have been inflicted with certain effects via ally skills.
  • The skill icon will show a special effect when a chain skill is activated.
  • Use chain skills to deal even more damage, as well as additional special effects.

Overhit Skills

  • Overhit skills can be used when 2 heroes are linked together and placed in the same team.
  • Overhit skills are shown on the right side of the screen, and require a set period of time until they are activated.
  • Overhit skills have a higher ATK than other skills, and various powerful effects that subdue enemies and grant buffs to allies.
  • You can view which heroes can use Overhit skills in the Link Guide.

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