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OVERHIT - Team Assembly Guide

Jun 1, 2019    
OVERHIT - Team Assembly Guide


Team Assembly

Team assembly for each piece of content can be saved. You can assemble up to 5 heroes on a team.

Allies are granted the leader skill effects of the hero set as the leader. The assembled team cannot be saved if a leader is not set.

Also, you cannot use more than 2 of the same character when assembling a team.

Leader Skills

The leader hero's skill effects are applied to the entire team.

Leader skills may only be applied to heroes that meet certain conditions, so it is important to strategically assemble your team.

How to Assemble

Tap a hero slot to display the Hero Select pop-up.

Tap a hero in the list on the right to equip/replace a hero in the activated hero slot on the left.

If you want to change the placement, tap the slot on the left to change the active hero slot.

You can place a friend's character as the 5th hero to use in Campaign, Terra Shift, and Dimension Gate.

You can select a friend's hero that is the same as a hero you've already assembled. A friend's leader skill effects can also be applied.

Formation Settings and Line Effects

In Formation Settings, you can change a hero's formation.

There are 3 formation types: the front, middle, and back rows. Damage reduction of 15%, up to Max 30% can be received per line depending on hero placement.