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Campaign has 2 modes: Story and Hard.
In Story mode, you play through the Campaign at the default difficulty. This allows you to enjoy the story of OVERHIT.

Once you complete everything in Story mode, you can start playing Hard mode.

Hard mode is obviously more difficult than Story mode, and requires proper hero growth and strategic team assembly. You can acquire better rewards with the increase in difficulty.

Once used, AP charges periodically. AP can be purchased at the shop if needed.

OVERHIT - Campaign Guide

In the Campaign, you can assemble your friends’ heroes as team members. You can attempt uncleared stages with the help of your friends.

Unlocked Content

Clearing certain Campaign stages will unlock OVERHIT content.

The further you progress in the Campaign, the wider variety of content you can unlock.

Chapter Rewards

Rewards are acquired based on the number of stars obtained from each chapter.

Up to 30 stars can be obtained in one chapter, and a total of 3 rewards can be acquired in increments of 10/20/30 stars.

The amount of rewards given for Story/Hard mode differ.

First Clear / Stage Rewards

When clearing a stage for the first time, you can acquire D-Gems as a reward.

You can acquire up to 3 stars when the clear requirements are met. D-Gems are acquired as a reward for each star.

Clear Rewards

When clearing a stage, you can acquire a variety of rewards.

The higher the difficulty of the stage, the better rewards you’ll acquire for clearing it.

On certain stages, you can acquire specific, additional heroes and pieces of equipment.

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