OVERHIT – Exploration Guide



Exploration is where you attempt 1 of 4 routes once per day.

You cannot attempt the next route before clearing the previous one.

D-Gems can be used to reset progress and start over from the beginning.

Each route has a different difficulty level and is composed of a different number of stages.

Monster Type by Day

Exploration routes have specific types of monsters that appear depending on the day of the week.

Consider what day it is, and what type that represents, when setting your team and planning for each route.


Hero ability materials, such as Essence, and skill level upgrade materials, such as skill stones, can be received as rewards.

In the case of skill stones, a specific type of skill stone can be acquired according to the day of the week for each route.

Exploration Team Assembly

Hero HP does not recover as you progress through each stage of a route. If a hero dies, you must replace them with another hero to continue.

Depending on the state of your heroes’ HP, you may need to rethink your team composition to complete the route.

Route Buffs

You can receive buffs that will help you complete Explorations as you clear specific stages in a route.

There are 9 types of buffs that can be acquired when you clear certain stages. A random buff out of these 9 will be applied.

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