OVERHIT – Raids Guide



A Raid is where you cooperate with friends, guild members, and other users to defeat powerful bosses.

The more friends and guild members you have, the more help you can get and the more Raids you can participate in.

Each boss is a specific type. An appropriate strategy that fits the different characteristics and attack patterns of each boss is necessary for success.

Hero equipment can be acquired through Raids.
Raid Coins are used to summon and participate in Raids.
Once used, Raid Coins charge periodically. You can accumulate up to 5.

If all Raid Coins have been used, D-Gems can be used instead, both to summon and participate.
The amount of D-Gems required increases each time they’re used to summon and participate.

Summon Boss

Bosses can be summoned using 1 Raid Coin.
You can summon bosses that start at Lv. 1. Defeat the boss to summon one of the following level.
When summoning, you can set the participation scope for a Raid (Guild, Guild + Friends, Open to Public, Closed to Public).

Joining Raids

You can participate in boss Raids summoned by other users, such as friends and guild members.
Like summoning, joining also costs 1 Raid Coin.

Users who are eligible to participate in a Raid differ according to the boss level. The contribution ranking is determined based on the total damage done.


All users who participated in a Raid receive a reward when the monster is defeated.
No rewards are given if the summoned boss is not defeated within a certain amount of time.

Users who participate in a Raid receive rewards commensurate to their total damage.
Rewards are given for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place, and users in the remaining spots are given a Participation Reward.

The higher a boss’s level, the greater the chance to receive better rewards.
The type of Raid reward given is determined at random.

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