Reventure – How to Get Ending #77

How to Get It

  • First you will have to get the chicken the chicken apears after around 20 endings on the mountin with the legendery sword.
  • Next you will have to go right until you find a cave.
  • Enter the cave and go as far down as possible next you need to go to the left till you find a vent.
  • Go down the vent and then drop down behind the dragon.
  • Go to the left and enter the geyser.
  • Next get the hookclaw and climb as far up the mountin as you can.
  • Then jump off to the right until you land on a cloud.
  • On the cloud you will find a bus press e on the bus.
  • Then you will get ending number #77 – Battle Royale.
Written by Sam

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