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The reason you’ll want to play this app is because the rebels can gather ressources that you’ll be able to transfer in your Ghost Recon Wildlands game. When you’re late game, you’ll stack skill points but won’t have ressources to buy them. This app let you get an extra 5000 ressources (1250 of each type) every day. Why not? Rebels in GRWHQ will stack ressources very fast so you won’t even need to play seriously every day and you’ll get the best of the app.

Tests and Results


Overall, there is one stat that is better than any others: Mission chance of success


A simple test:

  • I equip a grenade level 5 that gives 2.44% of chance of success.
  • I try to attack a power mission level 1210.
  • Chance of success of this mission: 29%

  • I replace the grenade by a ammo pouch level 11 that gives 7.23% of power.
  • I try attack same power mission level 1210.
  • Chance of success of this mission: 29%

Same results but the gear with power has twice the level of the gear with chance of success. Which means that a grenade level 11 would probably be close to be twice more effective than a power/observation/discretion gear of the same level. Why would you even bother with stats like “power, observation and discretion” when you can achieve way better results with “mission chance of success”?

Another reason to use “mission chance of success”? Some gears boost 1 stat and some boost 2 stats. Well “mission chance of success” technically affects all the 3 stats because it’s not focused on boosting a stat but the result of the attempted mission.

“Mission chance of sucess” is overall more effective and more efficient in every way.

Gear Boosting “Mission Chance of Success”

  • Helmet: Headset
  • Armor: Heavy armor vest
  • Pants: Apex pants
  • Weapon: Light machine gun
  • Item: Grenades

Best Rebels

The best characters in the game are the ones that have the “veteran” stat “Mission chance of sucess” because they gain an extra 15% of mission of success which is just amazing! It’s like having 5 guns boosters instead of 3. And when you stack it with 3 more guns boosters (an extra 27%) then your rebel automatically starts its mission with a 42% of chance of success. Add to this the equipments stats and the strength of the rebel brought by his own stats (power, observation or discretion)… This is the reason I consider them the best rebels in the game! To those who are wondering, the veteran ability is unlocked by completing the quest chain of a character.

So far, I unlocked 18 characters and I found 3 with this veteran ability.

  • Rebel Rabbid
  • Juana Pedriel
  • Gabriel Pinto 

Boost those 3 first (and any others that have the veteran ability if you have more than 3). Then boost your best other rebels. Usually, their level is a good indicator on how good they are. Indeed, try to boost characters with different stats. If you boost mainly rebels with power, you wont have anyone to face those observation and discretion missions. That’s why I decided to boost those 3 rebels then:

  • Ruben Aguilar (Discretion)
  • Alejandro Pedraza (Observation)
  • Jimena Martins (Power)

All of them are incredibly good in their own stat and my highest levels because you got them early in the game. So they are very useful to complete harder missions. But again, they are never as good as the rebels with the veteran stat “chance of mission success” so always priorize them first.


That’s pretty much of it. Focus on “mission chance of success” and if you don’t have those equipments, just equip your rebel with the best possible gear until you grab the equipements your are looking for.

Never forget that a level 5 “mission chance of success” can be equal to other gear level 11 so don’t be afraid to equip lower level equipments if you grab some. You won’t lose anything in the trade!

Written by Cmdo.Delta.

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