Albion Online – Beginner’s Guide to Fishing

Fishing is one of the many gathering methods in Albion it can be confusing at first but, it does not have to be! Learn the basics, some tips and pointers to fish more efficiently and enjoy this method of gathering.

Starting Out

Hello! I am Holburn a freelance fisher, so you want to start fishing? You may be a veteran or a newbie starting out, no matter where you are it is easy to pick up.

After the tutorial you will be thrown in your chosen starting area in Albion, these places will have different resources but the one thing all places have in common is water.

You can buy the fishing rod straight away from the market place in any starting area or town alternatively you can craft one yourself with the help of the tool maker; if you have a little extra cash you can opt to buy bait or you can craft them also you can make meals from the cooking station that can help you fish.

Pros and Cons


  • Very relaxing.
  • One of the easier to level gathering types.
  • Can be lucrative late game.
  • No need to move.


  • Can be boring.
  • Can be too chill.
  • Different from standard gathering.
  • Not as lucrative early on.
  • Can be dangerous in higher tiers.

Finding a Spot

So you have got a rod, and maybe some bait whats next, where do we start fishing?

Albion Online - Beginner's Guide to Fishing

Shallow water is no good for fishing, you will need to look for deep water like so;
If you can’t walk in it then it is perfect for fishing.

Albion Online - Beginner's Guide to Fishing

The different areas of Albion will contain many types of bodies of water; rivers, seas, lakes, and ponds you can fish from them all.

In higher tiers try not to stay in a single spot for too long, you will end up becoming the interest that gankers want to get.

The Ripple Radius

Now there is something I like to call the ripple radius™, it comes with the three types of nodes you can fish from. The first being a school of fish.

These schools can have a maximum of 5 fish.

The second is a single peeking fish.

Lastly is a waterlogged chest.

I normally find these in broken boats, however they are rare to come across.

All these nodes have ripples around them, this shows the area of where your bauble can land and will attract the fish or object in that node, guaranteeing you the contents of the chest, or fish.

These nodes will “bite” faster than fishing without them.

You can also opt to just fish without nodes, this will sometimes give you low tier resources or some random drops or fish.


Keeping your cursor over water you can left click and hold to throw your fishing line.

The longer you hold the left mouse button down the further the line will go. once the hook goes into the water it will sit there till a fish bites.

Albion Online - Beginner's Guide to Fishing

Once a fish bites you’ll hear a watery metallic sound and the fishing bauble will bounce and splash; if you click as soon as you hear it you will prompt a minigame to catch the fish.

The green bar indicates a zone where you must keep your turnip shaped bauble in, you hold down the left mouse button to make the bauble move to the right; if you release it, it will automatically move to the left. If the bauble goes too far left or too far right you will fumble and the fish will get away.

On the other hand, the blue bar shows how close you are to catching the fish, while you are holding the mouse button the fish will move towards the right and when you release it, it will stop progressing. Once the fish goes to the far right you will have caught your fish!

Be careful to keep your cursor over water, if you click while it is over land you will just end up moving there, alternatively you can move using the right mouse button to cancel your catch.

Whats Next?


You can take your produce and sell it in the market to get some extra silver, or craft and then sell.


Alternatively you can cook or chop fish for yourself/guild/friends.

Higher Tier Areas:

You can head here as well once your fishing level is high enough, the pvp in these areas can be daunting but fishing here can be very fulfilling.

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