Monster Monpiece – 100% Achievement Guide

This guide explains each of achievements and how to obtain them. Well, yeah simple as that.
There are 38 achievements while some of them require a bit of grindings.

Story Achievements

These achievements are obtainable as you play through the game.

The Adventure Begins…

Started the game for the first time!

Kunaguva Cleared

Kunaguva area cleared!

Ginuma Cleared

Ginuma area cleared!

Hollowlo Cleared

Hollowlo area cleared!

Ho Kaido Cleared

Ho Kaido area cleared!

Ki Outo Cleared

Ki Outo area cleared!

Fukuruko Cleared

Fukuruko area cleared!

Okinava Cleared

Okinava area cleared!

Tokio Cleared

Tokio area cleared!

Hail, Conquering Hero!

Cleared the game!

Si Ku Ork Cleared

Si Ku Ork area cleared!

Once you beat the game, there will be post-game content where you will be tasked to go to Si Ku Ork.

Battle Achievements

Talkin’ ‘Bout Training

Trained for the first time!

To access Traning, click HQ -> Card gym -> Training. You can choose any past challenger want.
HQ can be found both on map screen and game title screen.

Monster Monpiece - 100% Achievement Guide

Novice General

Battled for the first time!

Storming the Castle

Attacked castle for first time!

Secrets of Fusion

Performed fusion for first time!

Flawless Victory

Won a card battle with 0 damage!

The Thrill Of Victory…

Won a card battle for the first time!

Combat Neophyte

Won 10 offline battles!

Average General

Won 30 offline battles!

Veteran Warrior

Won 50 offline battles!

Master Tactician

Won 70 offline battles!

Legendary Leader (small grindy)

Won 100 offline battles!

Not too grinding if you are walking everywhere.


Take note that you do not have to have those number of unique cards in your inventory because they will be registered in your gallery automatically. You can track the total collected cards inside the Gallery by counting the number of rows of your collected cards and multiplied by 6 to get the total number of cards you have.

To access Gallery, simply choose HQ -> Card Gym -> Gallery.

Monster Monpiece - 100% Achievement Guide

When inside the Gallery, click “By stats” will extend all the cards you have collected so far.

Monster Monpiece - 100% Achievement Guide

Now, start counting…

Monster Monpiece - 100% Achievement Guide

The First Card…

Acquired a card for first time!

Card Collector

Got 100 kinds of cards!

Compulsive Card Collector (very grindy)

Got 500 kinds of cards!

It will be about 83 lines of cards plus two cards in the 84th line to be equal to 500 cards.

First Crush ❤ Rub!

And….. to the “key feature” of this game. First Crush ❤ rub!
Note: using enlightenment sphere will not count toward the achievements.

Go to HQ -> Card Gym -> First Crush ❤ rub!

Monster Monpiece - 100% Achievement Guide

Choose whatever card you prefer and press rub. (Some cards requires key(s) to start rubbing)
Normally, you would want to touch her…

  • Chests (Mostly) 
  • Female reproductive organ (Mostly) 
  • Arms (Often) 
  • Shoulders (Often) 
  • Neck (Often) 
  • Legs (Often) 
  • Ears (Sometimes) 
  • Feet (Sometimes) 
  • Wings or tail (Rarely) 
  • Etc. 

Get the gauge bar on the left side to full to sucessfully rubbing the card.

You Got the Touch…

Performed First Crush ❤ rub!

Skilled Fingers

First successful First Crush ❤ rub!

Deft Hands

10 successful First Crush ❤ rubs!


50 successful First Crush ❤ rubs!

Rubbing Expert

100 successful First Crush ❤ rubs!

Rubbing Master

Irresistible Force

Despite its description, you need to make 150 successful First Crush ❤ rubs!

Ladykiller (very grindy)

300 successful First Crush ❤ rubs!

Extreme Love Mode

In order to trigger extreme love mode, you need to find the weak spots where you use one of the four techniques to get holy touch (the rub point that generate heart). It will make the otter on the top left of the screen excited. When it hits maximum excitement, extreme love is triggered. Randomly clicking around the body could trigger extreme love mode, somehow, and can be triggered more than one time each rub too.

Monster Monpiece - 100% Achievement Guide

Thrilled Otton

Triggered extreme love!

Excited Otton

Triggered extreme love 20 times!

Otton Burst!

Triggered extreme love 50 times!

Genius of Love (small grindy)

Triggered extreme love 100 times!

10K Titan

Your Rub P stock has exceeded 10000!

You do not need to have 10000 rub P in your inventory. It counts the total number of rub P you have collected throughout the game.


Monster Monpiece Master

Obtained all the achievements!

As it says, obtain all achievements to unlock this.

Money and Rub P Farming Guide

There are a few ways to earn a lot of money and rub P.

1) As we know, story mode save is independent to money, rub P, and cards. Most people would want to spam the last boss to receive a heavy stack of money per win and reload story save file to redo the fight again.

2) There is a place where you can farm both money and rub P without redoing boss fight because I am lazy. At some point of the Si Ku Ork map, you will encounter two points at which gives you money and rub P. They grant you 10000G and 3000 rub P, When you obtain them, simply reload save file and spam it.

Monster Monpiece - 100% Achievement Guide

3) You: But I am even lazier than you, is there any way to get a nuke cash of money without reloading save file?

Me: say no more. Use cheat.

A Truck Load of Cards

When you clear the game (defeat Clairdia), check the shop. You will notice that there are two new decks available:

  • Clear game pack
  • Online pack 

Monster Monpiece - 100% Achievement Guide
Monster Monpiece - 100% Achievement Guide

Ignore clear game pack because online pack cost …. 1G. That’s right the packs cost 1 gold. Now go bombard your pennies on them. It is listed like that because PC port does not contain online content with it unlike PSvita version. Thus, making online currency would make no sense.

Both clear game and online packs have a chance to drop -1 or +2 card. As you may have noticed, AI loves to use +2 card because it is a cough* cheater. These are more powerful cards than typical nonbuff cards, but may increase mana cost to use. However, some of +2 cards use lesser mana than normal cards. What about -1 card? You asked. If you rub it three times, it will turn into a completely different card with +2 on it. An example would be -1 Basillisk turned into +2 Red dragon, although you can also get Red dragon from the pack as well. Not only that, the -1 card also counts as card-collecting achievement.

The left side indicates the evolution of -1 card to a different one.

The right side indicates the change of each buffed card compared to nonbuff one. (Yeah this side is cropped from other image. The right side should be the blue box.)

Monster Monpiece - 100% Achievement Guide

Written by CTcommander Senpai.

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