Fallout 4 – Modding Guide

This will be my guide for how to make your Fallout 4 look incredible, and also feel incredible.

Getting Started

Mod Managers

This is where it can get a little tricky, you will need to choose a Mod Manager to use. There is alot of diffrent ones out there, but the one i prefer for the moment is Vortex. There is also the old Nexus Mod Manager but i wouldn’t advise using that if you want to really get into heavy modding. Tho i recommend if you are starting off with Vortex you will most likely need to watch a few videos on how to set it up and use it to it’s full potential.

F4SE and Other Mod Requirements

Of course mods require other mods, that’s the way it works.

Theese are usually the requirements, i wont tell you how to install them but it’s easy to look up yourselves.

Don’t forget some mods require other mods aswell, like some weapon mods might require another weapon for textures or anims. Just when downloading the mod or checking the requirements tab under info it will say the requirements and provide you with a direct link by pressing the name.

Modding Sites

There is alot of diffrent sites to use for this. I recommend starting off with the Nexusmods, since its the easiest to use and doesn’t require much “access” like some other sites. Below i’ll link my main sites for mods.

While the last one, gunetwork is a really nice website it does require permissions to access the private mods section, don’t get me wrong there is alot of good ones on the public mod section aswell. Just use the site, comment and be active and you will be granted access to the private section of the site.

Finding the Proper Mods for the Proper Playstyle

This is the time consuming part, this is where you will have to take sometime thinking about how your game will be modded. Now if that might be graphically or alot of new weaponry or a super realistic game it is completely up to you. But i ADVISE you start off with nice mods that improve the overall graphics and lightning. The next section will give you a few tips on some good ones.

Useful, but not Required Mods

Theese mods are a MUST HAVE for me atleast.

If you know what an ESP file is then this one if obvious. But what it does is that it allows you to open a new menu (default keybind F11) which shows EVERY single mod loaded into your game, then with just a click of the mod in the menu you can get a screen with all new items in that mod. Really easy to use and saves you alot of console time.

This mod is also really obvious considering the name. But basically it allows you configure mods that has support for this mod. Makes it ALOT easier and makes you able to edit things you otherwise would need to take alot of time to do, and it also makes some mods easier to uninstall.

PIP-Boy Mods:

Now you need to decide, you want to use the original PIP-BOY, PIP-PAD or PIP-BOY 2000? I like the normal PIP-BOY but i think it removes the nice armor from your left arm and also looks really clunky in this game. But the main diffrences between them is how they look but PIP-PAD and PIP-BOY 2000 removes it from your arm like i stated before. My main choice is PIP-BOY 2000 because it is alot cleaner, it also doesn’t seem to run into as many errors the PIP-PAD mod. Anyways here is the link to both:


Now it’s time for the fun part, making your game look incredible. This can be really tedious since theese mods can be hard to install. Lets begin with the most important one


This is the mod that can change the entire games lightning and overall colors. This makes the game standout ALOT more than it will with any other mods. If you don’t know how to install an ENB i will provide a video of my own when i have done one. But here is a good ENB i recommend:

The thing that makes this ENB so good is because of the customization for the user. This ENB has way more options than i can go through but feel free to check them out, a few examples are: Color Gradients, Color Balancing and more.

What this ENB mainly does stands on the mod page aswell if you want to read more about it.


This has to be one of my favourite ways to mod my game.


Trust me, weapon mods in this game are incredible, we got some really talented modders out there.
I shall link some of my favourites for you to check out their work yourselfs:

Don’t forget that this isn’t all of them, theese are the people i could remember in my head. But if you want more just google around on fallout 4 weapon mods. There is alot or checkout the weapons category on nexusmods here:


This really doesn’t have anything to do with modding, but i might aswell throw it in here either way.

The way i take my screenshots is opening console and writing the command:

  • tfc 1 (toggle free camera 1)

Reason for the “1” is because that freezes the game so you can move freely

  • tm (toogle menus)

This one is obvious, just removes the ui for a clean screenshot.

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