Talion – Beginners Tips and Tricks

Talion Guides:

Choose Your Alliance Wisely

Talion is a Realm vs Realm MMORPG. Players must choose between the opposing Alliances, Aegis or Bident.

You will not be able to change your Alliance once you make your choice. You will be at constant war with the opposing Alliance within the open field and PvP contents.

If you want to play together with a friend, make sure to communicate before you choose your Alliance!

Friend Points are Valuable

Talion - Beginners Tips and Tricks

DO NOT underestimate the value of Friend Points!

Friend Points can be exchanged for valuable rewards such as Ride / Costume / Guardian Fairy Shard Chest, along with various Growth Materials.

Make sure to claim all the Friend Points you can!

Make Sure to Participate in Events

Talion - Beginners Tips and Tricks

There are various events taking place in-game and within community.

Make sure to check in-game events that are taking place, along with Community Events held by CMs.

You do not want to miss rewards from any of the events!

You can farm in Tower of Tribulation!

Talion - Beginners Tips and Tricks

I know, I know…. another Tower feature in a mobile game, right?

Well, the plus is that Tower of Tribulation floors that have been cleared can be repeated for rewards in Talion!

Climbing is important, but remember to revisit previous floors if you are stuck!

Remember to Complete Daily Achievements!

Talion - Beginners Tips and Tricks

There are daily activities you simply do not want to miss out!

For example, completing Daily Achievements will reward you with valuable items such as Shard Chests.

Just like Daily Achievements, don’t forget to finish Daily Quest and to use up the daily Story Dungeon Entrance!

Always Participate in Dungeons

Talion - Beginners Tips and Tricks

If you feel stuck trying to progress on with the game, try focusing on various Dungeons!

Dungeons are great source of valuable in-game resources, such as Skill Books, Shards, Gold, and even EXP!

Make sure to use all your Dungeon Tickets!

Hall of Heroes

Talion - Beginners Tips and Tricks

Leveling up becomes harder as you progress.

If you feel the need for some new experience, try working on different character. Hall of Heroes will aid you with your new journey!

All sub characters receive bonus stats, as long as the main and sub character has a level difference of 10.

Join a Guild!

Joining a Guild is important not only because you get to meet cool new people, but also because it is associated with various perks.

Joining a Guild gives you access to do Guild Battle along with Guild Domain, which is equipped with bosses for Guild Members.

There are also Guild Buffs and Guild Coins you can exchange for more resources.

Evolve the Rides & Guardian Fairies

Guardian Fairies and Rides are a valuable part of the game and accompany you on your journey.

Remember to enhance them with Shards and Growth Materials.

While enhancing Rides and Guardian Fairies gives perks such as additional movement speed or additional Skill, most importantly it changes their appearance!

Observer Mode!

Have you tried using the Observer Mode?

If you haven’t, you should definitely give a try. Check out what kind of magic it does to your screen yourself!

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