NBA NOW – Beginner’s Guide / Daily & Weekly Bonuses

Beginner’s Guide

Welcome to NBA NOW

Congratulations on signing your new NBA team! In this guide, we’ll show you some of the basics to help kickstart your career. There is a lot to learn once you get into the game, so read on for some tips on getting started in NBA NOW.

Daily & Weekly Bonuses

There are many recurring bonuses, rewards, and perks for logging into the game on a regular basis, (especially for new players), so make sure you don’t sleep on them! See below for a breakdown of all the free stuff you can claim on a regular basis:


  • Free Prospect Draft: Login every day and head to the store to claim your free daily Prospect Draft! Draft a new player card every day!
  • New User Login Bonus: New players can head to the Mailbox daily to claim these rewards. Here you can claim some very useful and valuable items, such as stronger player cards and game currencies. This one is for new users only, and resets every day so make sure to take advantage of this!
  • Monthly Login Bonus: Login every day of the month to receive special rewards, and as the month progresses the rewards become larger! If you login for 28 consecutive days in a month you receive a Tier S player!
  • Daily Goals: These are a set of objectives that you can complete to earn Activity Points and Team EXP. Reach specific Activity Points milestones to receive special rewards. Remember that these goals reset every day, so make sure you come back!
  • Free Recharge: You are given three chances daily during specific times to claim free Season and Arena Tickets! This bonus is located in your Mailbox, so don’t miss your opportunity!
  • 24H Champion Rewards: Rewards are given out daily in 24H Champion, and the higher rank you are the bigger the reward becomes! So just make sure you stay on the top!
  • Live Challenge Rewards: Take on our Live Challenges and earn Stat Pluses to improve your players! These set of challenges reset daily! Check back every day to earn more Live Points!


  • Free Star Draft: Free Star Drafts are a great way to boost your team’s performance with some A & B Tier players! These drafts refresh every two days.
  • Free Superstar Draft: Do you need S-Tier players? Free Superstar Drafts are some of the best ways to get them! These drafts give you the best chance of landing a high-tier player. Free Superstar Drafts refresh every five days.
  • Season Weekly Rewards: Reach a specific amount of Season Points in a week to earn new players, GP and EXP Boosters! You receive Season Points for every Season game you win, and hit specific milestones to earn larger rewards. These rewards are given out every week.
  • Ranked Arena Weekly Rewards: Get rewarded as you climb the ranks! Similar to Season Weekly Rewards, reach a specific amount of Arena Points in a week to earn special rewards! Reach the top every week and get rewarded!
  • Prediction: You can earn extra rewards every week in Prediction Mode! You have a week to hit specific milestones to receive rewards containing new players and GP, and the more games you guess correctly the better the draft pack gets!
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