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» » Hades' Star - Ships Guide

Hades' Star - Ships Guide

By deb.towles   /   Jun 11, 2019     Guides
Hades' Star - Ships Guide

A guide to how different types of modules can affect a ship's abilities, disabilities, and expenses. Also covers different Cerebus ships and how to outsmart them.

Introduction to Modules

Modules are a way to change how your ships work, advantages, Disadvantages, and how costly it is to manufacture. Blueprints for mods can be found in Red Stars: a near dead star that has Artifacts on it, and will go supernova within a short amount of time. After researching these Artifacts, (the time needed to research these depends on what level it is) you get Blueprints, witch are needed to unlock and upgrade modules, for a fixed credit cost, of course. Upgrading mods can Improve their power, but over-upgrading them can give you major Hydrogen issues, as upgrades cannot be reversed.

Mods come in five different types:

Shipment: used for Transports, spacecraft that deliver shipments from planet-to-planet. mods can upgrade cargo hold, delivery reward, and delivery speed.

Mining: miners collect Hydrogen from asteroids. They are very slow, but only use one hydrogen to travel, despite the distance. mods can increase mining speed, Hydrogen bay, and even form a ROCKET out of the hydrogen, in case of emergencies

Weapon: Battleships are the combat side of the game. they will fire on Cerebus ships, or if you are in a blue/white star, on other players! different weapons include the weak battery (default), battery, mass battery, laser, dual laser, barrage, and the new dart weapon. only one weapon can be on a ship at a time, and they are only made for Battleships, sadly.

Shield: shields are an added bonus to your ship's overall health. most are activated using hydrogen, and will deactivate within a period of time, although the passive shield will always stay active and regenerate over a short period of time. only equips on battleships

Support: the wild card of modules, support mods can come in all forms, from E.M.P.s, to rockets, to barriers, to remote repairs, these modules are where the true action comes from in Hades Star.

Hades' Star - Ships Guide

Game:   Hades Star
Written by deb.towles.