Warhammer: Chaosbane – Konrad Vollen Endgame Build

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This is the build I use for the imperial soldier, it was inspired by other guide you can find by the YouTube channel RPG Division.


Warhammer: Chaosbane - Konrad Vollen Endgame Build

You look for Crit hit chance.

  • Set: Skaven Killer.
  • Weapon: Blade of Vengeance or if you go Boss Rush or easier difficulty you can use Grudge Settler.
  • Shield: Pavise of Anger or if you don’t use your class talent go for Shield of Revenge.
  • Any Necklace
  • Ring: Signet Ring of Fortitude for the resistance and Purple Signet Ring for more damage or Signet Ring of Null if you need more survivability in though relic hunt.

For the blessing look for +critical damage and +life. 

For +crit dmg/+life: Blue or Green in the unlinked spot and Red and Green in the linked.


Warhammer: Chaosbane - Konrad Vollen Endgame Build

  • ML) Shield Smash – Mastered: use it when you’re low energy.
  • MR) Pistolier – Heroic: your main damage source.
  • 1) Banner of the Empire – Heroic: maintain it all the time, it offers great resilience and damage increase.
  • 2) Justice of the Empire – Mastered: for a little more control on horde, you can use Break Through the Ranks – Mastered instead if you go boss rush.
  • 3) Taunt – Mastered: great bonus too, think to use it on cd if you use Grudge Settler.
  • 4) Sigmar’s Blessing – Mastered: always more buff you can use it on cd.
  • Passive 1) Bastion Against Corruption – Mastered: very useful against big pack, you can swap for Lucky Charm for boss rush.
  • Passive 2) Divine Judgement – Mastered.
  • Passive 3) Indestructible – Mastered.

God Tree

Warhammer: Chaosbane - Konrad Vollen Endgame Build

I follow this path we look for every bite of Blocked Damage and for every skill we need for the build.


It’s a very easy build, just use your banner and your taunt and start shot everything. Use Justice of the Empire if you see to much enemies on you. Don’t forget to use Shield Smash when it’s up, it make enormous damage with Pavise of Anger.

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