Game of Thrones Winter is Coming – Talent & Alliance Systems

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Talent System

You will obtain Lord Talents whenever your Lord Level increases by 1. You can open the Lord Talent screen by tapping on the Commander portrait at the top left of the screen and then tapping the first icon to the left of your character. Allocate a different number of points to each Talent to attain your desired attribute bonuses.

You can also go to the Maester’s Tower and research Maesters’ Circle under Commandership to unlock more Talent combination slots. Switch when you need to with just a tap.

Alliance System

The Alliance System is one of the most important systems in Game of Thrones Winter is Coming. Currently, many of the game’s events require you to have joined an Alliance before you can participate. You could say that once you join an Alliance, you’ll truly be able to experience the essence of Game of Thrones Winter is Coming.

By joining an Alliance, you can receive help from Allies in the form of reduced research and construction queue times, go on expeditions to slay Rebel Leaders and obtain precious materials, participate in events like Alliance Mobilization and Castle Siege to increase your Tournament Level and strategize with your Allies to rally, attack, aid in defense, and lay siege to the Great City and obtain new Titles. By joining an Alliance, you can also trade resources with Allies, give gifts, and share good fortune. Alliances also have the Alliance Shop, which can provide you with high-quality goods in exchange for Alliance Coins earned in-game. Only by joining an Alliance can you purchase items in this shop.

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