Rainbow Six Siege – Viable Mira locations, Kafe Rework

Welcome to my guide for strong Mira windows on the Kafe rework that launched as part of Operation Phantom Sight. This map has mostly stayed the same other than a new bomb site and other bomb sites being reworked. I have also included ways to counter these windows, either going above or below the mira and destroying the soft floor so you can pop it. I used ash in my example but you could also use Buck, Zofia or if you can time a frag grenade well enough you can still break the floor from below and breach charges from above.

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3F Cocktail Lounge

Located in the back of the cocktail lounge this window will lock down the B bomb site and areas of cocktail lounge. Now that there are less windows on the top floor this window will be quite strong. I would really recommend a castle here to help you out in the places you can see in my screenshot. Just be sure to make some rotates.

I’d consider castle this or just keep in mind attackers can rappel up and get some strong angles.

If you want to pop this mira this is a great location to do so, Just need ranged soft destruction. Head into the reading room and fire away just in front of the chandelier.

This window returns and still works the same as the original, stick someone back here with an acog and you can lock down piano lounge and other areas.

You could be killed from this window via frag grenades or a pixel shot onto your head so just be wary of it although it’s not a simple kill for attackers.

The old mira returns again and still does the same job of locking down cigar lounge. Although if you use the one in the washroom you will almost certainly need a castle barricade otherwise attackers and kill you from rappel.

Breach here to pop from below.

2F Fireplace Hall / 2F Mining Room

You could never put a mira here before but now you can! and it’s a great one (provided you hold top floor) shotgun out the top but leave some wood on top so you can vault over. Gives you great coverage over fireplace hall.

No need to change this old mira location as it still works a treat. Consider shotgunning out the wall so you can see people coming up and down red stairs.

The location to break in the cigar room so you can pop this mira and or kill anyone sitting on it.

The location to break in the cigar room so you can pop this mira and or kill anyone sitting on it.

2F Reading Room / 2F Fireplace Hall

So you may not want to use both, but if you had to pick one I would take the one inside the reading room then combine it with one of the miras upstairs say in the cocktail lounge to hold the floor above reading room as all of it is soft.

Very important to have both of these walls in the corner reinforced otherwise people can sneak in and plant in a corner where you can’t see them, they can also get long lines of sight into reading room from train.

Easy to break these mira’s if you can get into the cold room. This is why I think you should have one mira upstairs or at least have someone playing upstairs.

1F Kitchen Service / 1F Kitchen Cooking

So I did a lot of testing and discussion with other mira players and we’ve found there really isn’t a good place to put any windows here. This double mira will give great intel over the bakery front area, and you can also pop one out to shoot through.

Some locations to breach so you can pop the mira from above. Just head into the mining room/train room to rain destruction from above.

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