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Ever Adventure - Redridge Plain (Tessarim Encyclopedia)

Jun 3, 2019    
Ever Adventure - Redridge Plain (Tessarim Encyclopedia)

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Tessarim Encyclopedia - Redridge Plain

Ever Adventure - Redridge Plain (Tessarim Encyclopedia)

Western Continent

This is a landmass in the West of Tessarim, in the middle you have open savannas, to the East is your hot and humid coast. To the North West is a large, barren desert, the ancients call it the Scorching Land. Just like Africa on Earth, a planet in a parallel universe.

Strongholds & Reputation

Caliburn Vil,Tusklair,Murloc Oasis


Related History:

  • 159 BY, demons first invaded the Southeast of the continent.
  • The ancient Crescent Dynasty and Empyrean Dynasty were founded.
  • The mysterious sword Excalibur was found, and Caliburn Vil was created (Novice Village).
  • Hero Arcades defeated the Demon, thus ending the first Demon War.

Important Species

  • King of the Savanna, Gold Lion.
  • Snakebird with powerful electric magic.
  • Humans, Dwarves, Boar Mans, Murlocs and Treants reside here.
  • Lorrie and Maimas are great companions.

Dungeon Treasure Hunt

  • Home of the Tusk Brothers: Tusklair.
  • Lair of Ofendim the Ancient: Darkmoon Cavern (Novice Gear).