Ever Adventure – Dusk Forest (Tessarim Encyclopedia)

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Tessarim Encyclopedia – Dusk Forest

Ever Adventure - Dusk Forest (Tessarim Encyclopedia)

Land of Dusk

Located to the North of the Scorching Land, Land of Dusk is the West most continent of Tessarim. It saw the birth of many glorious dynasties and the Dusk Forest lies in the heart of this region. Warm and moist, the area has many lakes and swamps. Hills covered in forest litter the middle region. All four seasons hold equal sway, making the land fertile and rich in minerals. It belongs to the Hero Kingdom.

Strongholds and Reputation

Nightfire,Mithril Cave,Serene Tower.

Important History

  • In 3500 BY, humans migrated here and established many dynasties.
  • In 338 AY, Hero Kingdom was created.
  • In 346 AY, the undead plague broke out and the Defiler was born.
  • In 350 AY, Lord Kafka constructed Kavem Keep.

Persons of Note

  • Thrilling Romance: Mage Bonny and lovers Rose & Jack.
  • Bonny’s Darkside: Undead Master, Lycan, Fallen Rugalf.
  • Grudge Death: Lord Kalgan & Madam Chloe.
  • Undead Legion: Butcher & Undead Army & Gargoyle & Banshee.

Dungeon Treasure Hunt

  • Dungeon of Space-Time Chaos: Serene Tower.
  • Ghost Castle (Kavem keep, aka Black Keep): Lvl 40 Epic Set.

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