Ever Adventure – Darkmoon Cavern (Tessarim Encyclopedia)

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Tessarim Encyclopedia – Darkmoon Cavern

The continent of Tessarim is rich in knowledge and anecdotes, with a long history and many races. Countless heroes wrote their epic stories on this magical continent.We will continue to release Tessarim Encyclopedia and introduce you to the charms of Ever Adventure before you can try out the game. See the big picture below for details!

Ever Adventure - Darkmoon Cavern (Tessarim Encyclopedia)

Damp Extremity

Located in the Eastern reaches of the Redridge Plains, Darkmoon Cavern is your typical cave eroded by wind and water for billions of years. Multiple subterranean rivers with treacherous currents meet here, creating a diverse biome. Most of the area sees no sunlight, yet Treants, Murlocs and other strange beings still live here.


In the year 392, Popoka, the Priest of the Darkmoon Murloc tribe discovered a natural cavern in the Eastern reaches of the Redridge Plains. Popoka was mesmerized by nature’s wonders – a sophisticated biome within the cave that could rival the one on the plain. So he dubbed the cave in honor of his tribe-Darkmoon Cavern.

Persons of Note

  • Ofendim: Treant leader of Darkmoon Cavern, possesses stunning healing powers.
  • Molec:
    New Priest of the Darkmoon Murlocs, his magic creates an impregnable bubble wall.
  • Mordan:
    Giant land tortoise, the cannons on his back can annihilate all things.

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